Pharrell on Oprah

Pharrell Williams is, of course, having a titanic year, and he’s spent the past 24 hours being all over daytime TV. On Sunday, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her Oprah Prime tour, he went into a full-on sobbing fit after Oprah showed him videos of people around the world dancing to his song “Happy.” And as much as people have been making fun of P online for that, I feel like I get it. If you make something, and it has that effect on so many people from so many different places, and Oprah is sitting there and showing it to you, that has to do something to you. And this morning on Ellen, Skateboard was in a decidedly less thoughtful mode, sharing the stage with five dancers and singing a Miley Cyrus-free version of “Come Get It Bae,” one of the catchiest songs on his G I R L, an album full of extremely catchy songs. Watch both below.

G I R L is out now on Columbia.

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  1. “…and Oprah is sitting there and showing it to you, that has to do something to you.”

    Or, you know, Oprah digs even further into the emotional nerve by bringing up your dead grandmother conveniently just as the water works start to make their way in.

    • She’s so good at getting ratings she probably does stuff like that without even thinking about it at this point. She’s a talk TV robot.

  2. I feel like it was a pretty bold move by Pharrell –– riding a seemingly endless tide of feel-good hits –– to include an overtly political song like “Come Get it Bae” on his album. Given his elevated profile, perhaps he can succeed where Dennis Rodman failed and finally convince North Korea to free Kenneth Bae.

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