Solange at Coachella, via Getty

The big news from Solange’s Coachella set came when her big sister Beyoncé joined her onstage for a giddy synchronized dance to “Losing You.” But Solange’s Coachella set was still full of indications that she’s the arty weirdo of the Knowles family. She trotted out her cover of Dirty Projectors’ “Stillness Is The Move,” and she also tried out a new cover, doing a house-informed take on Kate Bush’s 1985 art-pop classic “Cloudbusting.” It took forever for fan-made videos of that song to appear on YouTube, but a couple of them are finally up there. One sounds OK, but it’s from pretty far back. Another is right up close, but the sound is a mess. So watch them both and imagine some ideal fusion of them — or, better yet, imagine being there.

Solange will be back at Coachella this weekend, and I’m genuinely curious whether her sister will join her again.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen, via Getty Images]

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  1. Yikes.

    Vox are rough all around. She might need to rehearse this a few more times before weekend #2. Or like magically discover an additional octave in her head voice.

  2. She sound great to me.

  3. That really sounds great to you? She is horribly off key for the entire song. She can’t sing at all! I guess it pays to have Beyonce as your big sis and fans who don’t know what bad singing sounds like.

  4. I give Solange credit for covering Kate Bush, but this version of “Cloudbusting” is a mess. Solange’s vocals are all over the place, like she can’t pick a key and stick to it. Amazing to listen to this performance and then to listen to Kate Bush’s original–what a difference!

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