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Just about every Pixies fan wishes the band would not return with Indie Cindy, the new collection of all the songs from their three recent underwhelming EPs and their first studio album since 1991′s Trompe Le Monde. And yet here we are. It’s happening. Longtime producer Gil Norton manned the boards for all the album’s songs, and they recorded them last year without Kim Deal or either of their Kim Deal replacements. And right now, you can stream the whole album below, if you dare.

(via The Guardian)

Indie Cindy is out 4/28.

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  1. Sure, it’s uneven, but I think there are a lot of great songs here.

    • There clearly must’ve been a memo circulated among music bloggers that they had to trash this new stuff at every opportunity, completely disproportionate to the quality of the music.

      What you said is accurate. Is it perfect? No. Will it make you forget Doolittle? No. Is there good, even Pixies-worthy material here? Yes. This is exactly what a Pixies album in 2014 should logically sound like.

      It’s like music bloggers have forgotten that Bossanova and Trompe Le Monde exist. These new songs don’t sound like Surfer Rosa, but they do sound like Bossanova and Trompe Le Monde. I’ll take it, and I’m not alone – pretty much everyone I talk to, regular people who aren’t music bloggers, seem to really like the new stuff. But hey, what do we know? We don’t write for Pitchfork.

      • Me too, most people I know like the new songs.

        Rolling Stone, among others, has been liking the new Pixies songs. Rolling Stone writers earn a nice living – it’s sort of like they have tenure – and are free to call it like they see it.

        Pitchfork writers, on the other hand, are temps who earn about $100 a review. Fact. So really they’re not much different than some random jerk like me in the comments section. Pitchfork writers thus have no job stability and must follow the fashion trends slavishly. It’s not about music, it’s about lifestyle and fashion. This year in fashion the Pixies are out and Avicii is in, so they’re going with that. It’s no coincidence that everyone I know thinks Pitchfork has been a bad joke for about the last decade.

        For some silly reason, Stereogum seems to be following the Pitchfork lead on the new Pixies. It speaks to an insecurity they have and a need to follow trends. I guess Stereogum is still a little young and hasn’t fully built up their confidence yet.

        • Since when has getting paid equated to ignoring fashion trends? Everyone thinks the music press (including Rolling Stone) is a bad joke. I tend to think it’s an issue with readers as much as it is with writers. It’s not possible to write articles that everyone agrees with and people take exception to writers slagging music that they like.

          Personally I thought the Pixies album was about as good as last years’ Dismemberment Plan album. For me, neither is worth listening to more than a few times. People will disagree or agree with me along a sliding scale, just as they will writers from any music press outlet.

          • Yeah, what’s more likely:

            - A. Music writers/bloggers are ganging up on one of the most beloved rock bands of all time because they’re to busy playing fashion police to understand how great these songs are.

            - B. Many people just finds these songs incredibly disappointing.

            Sorry. no one would give this material the time of day if this wasn’t a legacy act, and I think music critics have a right to call that shit out. You act like Rolling Stone is some beacon of professionalism, but Rolling Stone is guilty of exactly what you seem to want Pitchfork and Stereogum to do: blow smoke up the asses of past-prime rock vets because they’re releasing “good enough” music. You really think the magazine that still routinely praises Springsteen, U2, and other fossils for churning out late-career filler should be the standard for music criticism? The fact that Rolling Stone writers can take their positions in the music writing world for granted because they have a flaghsip brand propped up by boomers is WHY they are so painfully out of touch.

    • I don’t disagree. I don’t think all the songs are necessarily throwaways, but I definitely have to question their motives for making this album. Maybe they really do enjoy recording & touring, and maybe just maybe they feel that they have more to contribute to the musical cannon or their own legacy, but I’m sure cash is a major factor.

  2. I really like Snakes. That is a very good song. The rest seems inconsistent: some good ideas marred by bad ones.

    I’m certainly interested to hear follow-up stuff if that’s on the cards.

  3. It’s getting better with each new listen and I really loved most of these songs. But I also loved Dog in the Sand and Black Letter Days, so…

  4. A rock band must be the only business that’s expected to close if one staff-member gets another job.
    Ask yourself- why did you get into the Pixies? Was it because you wanted Kim Deal to be your imaginary friend? Or was it because you enjoyed the hooky idiosyncratic songwriting of Black Francis? Or that they could go from heavy to surfy to poppy to dreamy in a moment’s notice? Everything I ever liked in a Pixies album, I hear on the majority of these tracks. If you played the last three Pixies album side by side with this, What Goes Boom, Greens And Blues, Magdalena, Snakes, and Indy Cindy could easily win a “stuck in your head for a week” contest against thier counterparts, and the band sounds tighter than ever.

  5. maybe if we all stop reporting on the new Pixies, they’ll just go away

  6. I can understand not liking the new songs as much as the older ones but I think the amount of downright hatred towards this album/the EPs is extraordinary and kind of uncalled for. A guy who works at a record store near me hated it and said “there weren’t any riffs on it”. Were we listening to the same album? Hmm.

  7. Kim made some nice solo singles last year. Pixies made some great new songs without her. The public is the big winner here.

    Snobs who won’t even listen to this, because Kim’s not in it, are foolish. Trompe Le Monde and Bossanova are my favorite records and Kim is hardly audible on some of those songs.

  8. I was talking to Andy Warstar last week at the local diner and I said “Andy, your music is so much better than the new Pixies material. Why don’t you come out of retirement and record some new material?”

    Andy just looked at me and said “Yeah, and I suppose I’ll call my new project ‘Three Fat Old Bald Guys’. Then we’ll release an album called ‘Indie Mindy’. How would that be?”

    I laughed as A.W. walked away from the table, and I was left sipping my coffee. Suddenly, this hot older chick rocks up and sits down at the table beside me. I thought she looked familiar as she turned my way, smiled and said, “Hi, my name’s Kim. What’s the deal with the service around here?”

    Later that night, I found myself in bed with Kim and her twin sister, wondering what would have happened if only Mr. Warstar had stuck around another five minutes. Perhaps he might’ve joined in with our frolicking? Hmmm… But that’s another story for another time…..

  9. ps. stereodumb sucks. watch this video. listen to this song. jesus fuck piss shit vagina face

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