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This morning we heard Chris Martin and Zane Lowe talking over “Always In My Head,” the opening track from Coldplay’s Ghost Stories. Now comes the second official single after “Magic.” (“Midnight” didn’t count.) “A Sky Full Of Stars” is the most energetic and classically Coldplay song we’ve heard from the album so far, though that doesn’t keep it from going full-on EDM at the end there (Avicii produced). That Chris Martin, always staying with the times! Listen below.

Ghost Stories is out 5/19 on Parlophone/Atlantic.

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  1. That low pass filter on the piano and the long trailing echo, ooooooow more low pass :D

  2. I feel really sorry for their drummer, replaced by shitty edm programming….

    • Ha, I’m sure Will Champion’s crying himself to sleep in his mansion. I agree though, it’s got to be a little degrading. He should call Phil Selway to see how he copes.

      • He hired his drum teacher as the band’s unofficial “sixth member”… or I guess “seventh”, since Nigel already holds down the sixth spot.

  3. I hereby retract any comments I may have made about this record sounding more interesting than some previous work.

    At least it seems like it’ll be a diverse record, because there has been significant contrast in the songs they’ve shared so far. Even if this one descends into generic EDM…

    • Pretty much. Any hope that they would put out a more thoughtfully composed album went out the window today with that earlier song previewed on “Always In My Head,” and this just made sure that window stayed lock. I thought Mylo Xyloto was the closest they would get to dabbling with EDM. I actually think it’s pretty outdated at this point to be trying to go the EDM route since it’s so played out. Like wordupmang said, it sounds like they’re angling to be next year’s Coachella headliners…

  4. I see somebody’s angling to be the 2015 Coachella Sahara Tent headliner.

    Hopefully special guest Pitbull can also make an appearance to yell at me and GET THE CROWD TURNT UP BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPRITE PONTE A JUGAR.

    I’m sorry guys I don’t know why I’m being so snarky today; this is about what I expected upon reading Chris’s description and I actually had a great time at Coachella this year.

  5. And to think this is on the same album as “Midnight.” I thought that was the best song they’d released in years… um, at least they’re trying new things?

  6. Dad EDM. How cute.

  7. I don’t know what I expected from a song called “Sky Full of Stars,” but MAN is this very far from good.

  8. I love Coldplay but this one is undefendable. This is what a lot of artists COULD do to cash in on an of the moment 2014 mega hit but choose not to do. Coldplay on the other hand…yikes.

  9. Fucking Avicii. They have Jon Hopkins at their aid but they go with Avicii…

  10. Upon second listen, I believe this might just be the worst thing they have ever done.

  11. “Staying with the times” !? More like grasping for hackneyed year+ old styles.

  12. “The most energetic and classically Coldplay song we’ve heard from the album so far”… energetic, yeah, maybe, but ‘classically Coldplay’?!?!?!?!!?!? How?!!

    Great. Another major “pop” guitar band succumbing to the influence of generic EDM. They can join their friends Muse, then. Coupled with the lack of b-sides since Moving To Mars: Disappointing.

  13. Looking forward to hearing the original version of this song… this is a remix right?

  14. This song is the jam; y’all hipsters need to learn how to dance, you’ll enjoy life more.

    • Why are you here?

    • I’ll always maintain that afro-funk is the real dance music, not this EDM stuff we seem to have concocted in recent years.

    • I love to dance! But this song is still boring.

    • Even if I DID like to dance – which, let’s be real in America right here, would be ridiculous, because everyone knows that dancing is for ravers, dad-rockers, and similarly lame endeavors, and that music is for STANDING STILL and nodding, or gently rocking if the tune really moves you – but if I DID, in some odd, unforeseeable circumstance feel the need to…dance…than I wouldn’t do it to this song because it’s a bad, uninteresting song.

    • There’s a hundred house tracks produced and released somewhere in the world every day that are better than this nonsense. House, mind you, not this EDM drivel. HOUSE music. The shit that’s actually fun to dance to.

  15. I thought I might like this but then it veers toward “We Found Love” oontz-oontzery and yeah, no

  16. Sensational track. Sequenced with the rest of the album, the euphoria will be well-earned and well-received. It’s current. The remixes will be amazing. I’m not sure how the modern music fan can exist without learning to appreciate EDM music. The festival experience demands you enjoy it. Nights out demand you enjoy it. If the enlightened music fan thought Coldplay had gone Parachuting with Ghost Stories, they were mistaken. Coldplay’s music compass isn’t guided by indie blogs. They make passionate music that’s relevant in the conversation of contemporary pop music. On that standard, this is a total winner.

    • It’s not about appreciating EDM. If this was half as good as “We Found Love” or other recent EDM pop hits, I would be all about it. This is just a really boring version of that stuff imo.

      • I’m not arguing if the song is good or not. Whether or not you or anyone likes this is an entirely unnecessary conversation. But to argue that bands like Coldplay shouldn’t make a song like this is strange. That’s what confused me about the comments thus far.

        • I don’t think the EDM angle is what’s really bothering anyone, from what I can tell. Most people are specifying that it sounds like “generic” EDM, “dad” EDM, etc, which I think is very different from taking issue with the entire genre. It’s really just the lazy, predictable unce unce of the song slapped over something that sounds like it was written in 2 seconds while Chris Martin was doing something else. And I love Coldplay.

    • I absolutely agree – sensational track! What I hear a LOT of you people saying is that because YOU personally don’t like it, that automatically makes it a BAD song! Huh? Remember the old saying that “opinions are like a$$holes – everyone’s got one” – that certainly applies here. And I say that while acknowledging that it is only MY opinion (and a few others here) that this is a terrific song.

      Listen – musical tastes vary greatly and one person’s “great” is another person’s “awful”. I get that.

      But please don’t CONDEMN a song just because YOU don’t like it! Leave space for others who DO like it. And please keep this in mind: Chris Martin is no musical novice. Some would say he is a musical genius. Again, opinion. But consider: if HE thought it good enough to sing/perform/release THIS track, I think we should at least recognize that he has enough cred to decide that this is indeed worth doing.

      Kudos Chris and Coldplay – love this song!

  17. All you fools can pretend to hate Coldplay, but I know that you know that you actually love them.

  18. I don’t pretend to hate Coldplay at all. I actually like Coldplay, always have. And I thought everything else they’d teased or released from this album was pretty damn good (if not great). But this… this is just… not. :/ Which is very confusing. Its inclusion and its release as a single SCREAM of label interference, but I’ve never really thought of Coldplay as that type of band. Certainly some of their singles in the past would lead you to believe they were not. I don’t know, maybe there’s some new people running things at their label. Just… weird.

  19. I’ve been a huge Coldplay fan, but the last album and everything I’ve heard from this new one have made me want to “consciously uncouple” from my fanhood.

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