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Michael Jackson never released a Timbaland-produced song while he was alive, which is too bad. Tim was peaking right when MJ was attempting a comeback with Indestructible, and both have such weird and singular rhythmic sensibilities that I have to believe they could’ve done something awesome together. But Tim has been put in charge of “contemporizing” the unreleased MJ tracks on the new collection Xscape. We’ve heard the title track and “Love Never Felt So Good,” and now we get to hear the first actual Timbo-produced track on the album. It’s called “Chicago,” and it’s an obvious case of Tim tinkering with an unfinished track. And while it doesn’t quite work, it has moments, especially on that first verse. Listen below.

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Xscape is out 5/13 on Epic.

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  1. WOW! Only Michael Jackson can make me bust out in a full head bop with shoulder movement. Timberland should win a grammy for Best Composer-Producer of The Millenium. Everything he touches is genius and unique to every artist he produces for. I absolutely love this song & can’t wait to hear more! #MJ

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  2. Man, I thought the song was gonna go full DJ Mustard after hearing the intro. Kinda wish it did.

  3. yeah I put this is third of the four tracks I’ve heard. Really disappointed in Tim. Sparse on verses was good, but that “bass” is whack. Also I would’ve switched up the chorus. Michael’s melody on the verse is perfect and the best thing about the track.

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TRACK!!! I’ve never known any of MJ’s music to be just one-laned. If I wanna hear MJ sing songs the old way then I’ll listen to his old albums. I truly admire the fact that MJ availed himself to work with a variety of today’s artists and producers to still remain just as fresh as he was yesteryear while producing timeless music. Thus far, this is the 2nd track that I’ve heard off of the Xscape album. The first track I heard was Love Never Felt So Good with JT. It’s a decent track, very old school MJ and it’s nice to see that they collaborated but that track didn’t do anything for me. Perhaps it’ll be one of those pieces that has to grow on me over time but as for right now, I’ll pass. However, this track right here, Chicago, actually sparked an interest in me to get the new album. In my humble opinion, Timbaland and MJ did an awesome job with this piece.

  5. My husband is is a audio engineer and he said this is perfect! I love it!

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