M.I.A. - "Double Bubble Trouble" video

Last week, M.I.A. gave a fascinatingly berserk performance of “Double Bubble Trouble,” a song from her 2013 album Matangi, on Late Night With Seth Meyers. She surrounded herself with neon drone cameras, uzi-clutching attendants, an amazing dirtbag dancer, and various other right-this-minute cultural artifacts, and now she’s put them all into the raw, frantic “Double Bubble Trouble” video, which she directed herself. The video doesn’t have any real plotline, but it fixates on weed-smoke bubbles, dance crews, and guns made with 3D printers. There is a very good chance it will hurt your eyes. Check it out below.

Matangi is out now on Insterscope.

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  1. M.I.A. is so hard. I hope she and her friends use those plastic guns to kill squares. Take that, Society!

    • Squares are the people that started hating on M.I.A when blogs told them she wasn’t cool anymore.

      Matangi is amazing and this video is solid

  2. well i guess that makes that weird-ass seth meyers performance make a little more sense now. also seems like the record company isn’t doling out bad girls bucks anymore for her videos.

    those are drones, btw, not hovercrafts.


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