Journey's Steve Perry Joins Eels In St. Paul

Reclusive ex-Journey vocalist Steve Perry hasn’t sung in public for almost two decades (unless mouthing the words to “Don’t Stop Believin’” at a baseball game counts) but he came out of hiding last night at an Eels concert in St. Paul, Minnesota. He joined the band during their second encore to sing the Eels’ “It’s A Motherfucker” and Journey’s “Open Arms” and “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’.” The 65-year-old still has a great voice, so it’s a shame that he’ll probably never get back together with Journey again. I can’t imagine there’s much goodwill left between them after the band replaced Perry, most recently with Filipino singer Arnel Pineda who they found on Youtube back in 2007 and have released two albums with so far. Oh well. Watch Perry’s performance below.

[Photo by Tom Campbell/Fitzgerald Theater.]

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  1. James Rettig , You that wrote this article the singers is order that followed Steve Perry : Steve Augeri was also a frontman for Journey from 1998 – 2006, Jeff Scott Soto 2006-2007 and Arnel Pineda 2007 to present.

    • You didn’t quite read it thoroughly:

      “I can’t imagine there’s much goodwill left between them after the band replaced Perry, most recently with Filipino singer Arnel Pineda who they found on Youtube back in 2007 and have released two albums with so far. Oh well. Watch Perry’s performance below. ”

      He didn’t say that Journey replaced Steve Perry with Arnel Pineda … what he STATED was very clear: ” … after the band replaced Perry, MOST RECENTLY with Filipino singer Arnel Pineda … ”

      Reading and comprehension goes a long way.

      • I missed those words too, Quentin.

        However for me it’s not a matter of reading comprehension, because I can comprehend quite a bit.

        Sometimes people miss the words altogether. Maybe they’ve had little sleep. Or maybe they’ve just had a brain fart.

        So no need to get snippy.

  2. Steve Perry was on stage at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles in January of this year.

  3. I think that any lady who was with Steve should have supported his career and not allow him to walk away however whats done is done. Sadly, he is losing what he once had in age. We all age. You had a great career Steve Perry.

  4. Hasn’t SUNG.
    Hasn’t SUNG…
    (NOT hasn’t ‘sang.’)
    Good lord.

  5. I saw Journey live in 1979 while in the Army in Germany. Steve was great, Neil with the monster fro was awesome. I have seen Journey with Augeri, and with Pineda five times now. Steve Perry was great but could not take the rigors of touring and they moved on without him. Both new albums Journey has released in the last few years are pretty good. Pineda has been with them over 6 years now, he is a good front man and their shows are still awesome. You can hear Steve is two or three ranges lower than he used to be and in no way could take on a full tour at his age. Steve was awesome in his day, Journey keeps on rocking without him, go enjoy the show or stay home waiting for Steve to return, not going to happen.

  6. He had an amazing career ….if my memory serves….. the reason he left Journey, was “Vocal Chord” Issues, he had to leave because he blew out his “voice” from EXTENSIVE TOURING, Night after Night after Night

    to say “He hasn’t SUNG” isn’t really the case… it’s that he “couldn’t” physically do it at all
    Plus, he kind of lost that “Crowd Controlling” ability that was “second hand/going to work” for him.

    I’m glad he’s trying, but it’s a shadow of what he was though in his young prime

    (the price of sacrificing your body for art, he lost a limb essentially)

  7. I kinda wonder with all the bone issues Steve has had if he didn’t take steroids to keep his voice in shape when Journey was touring….The guy from Great White would break his hip just walking from that crap?

  8. I had heard he had throat cancer and rehabbed in Modesto hiding out?…Saw him at the Bill Graham memorial in golden gate park…was awful!!!!!!…sounds a bit better now?

  9. Just saw a post that ask uses who the best vocalist of all time was, and Steve was mentioned more than anyone else.

  10. I can’t believe all the NEGATIVE comments on this post. Yes, Steve has lost his upper range; he is also SIXTY-FIVE YEARS OLD. Just about ALL singers lose their upper range with age, and lower the keys of their songs (with the exception of 60 yr old Cyndi Lauper, who still sings in the original keys, shaving off a high note here and there, but Cyndi faithfully does DAILY vocal exercises). Like any other muscle, the vocal chords lose strength and flexibility with age, unless constantly exercised. Of COURSE he blew out his voice singing with Journey, screaming out those VERY high tenor notes every night; MOST rock tenors either develop nodes on their vocal chords, or lose their voices entirely. I think, for his age, he still sounds great, and the small rasp he’s developed just ads even more character to his voice. He really should release a new album, with new songs in his current range.

  11. A few pounds heavier, but he can still sing!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you Steve Perry!!!

  13. Hey man, Journey’s original line up could reunite, don’t stop believin’!

  14. i’m a fan but steve sounds like a 45 played at 33.

  15. If you think that this is ‘still a great voice’, then you know nothing about singing, or vocals in general.

    Steve Perry walked away – not ‘on his own terms’ – but because he couldn’t hit the notes any longer. That voice you’re listening to is as fragile as a meringue pastry, every single not, tip-toed into to avoid cracking. It actually pained me to hear it as it was barely a shadow of what it once was. There were probably echoes of past vocal coaches begging him NOT to sing any more still reverberating in his head as he sang. You see, there’s a good reason that some singers are never heard from again once they lose their voice: to preserve the positive memory! Especially such a high ranged singer. Ever seen a performer long past his prime who you WISH had hung it up before that performance? Ever see Sinatra’s final performances? Not if you’re a fan, you won’t!

    As excited as I was to see he was performing again, I was wishing he hadn’t by the time it was over.
    Sorry, Steve! But I will always remember you for the incredible singer you once were….

  16. The “Greatest” voice EVER!!! Back up is very important! If Perry had the origional “Jourey” behind him
    he would sound better. Don’t know the real reason he left the group, he is a ICON and his music will live on forever……my all time favorite group…my phone ring is Perry’s origional “Open Arms”….JUST AWESOME

  17. Wasn’t Gregg Rollie the original singer in Journey? I just think it’s great that Steve Perry is an Eels fan. I’m not going to nitpick his vocals. They sounded fine. Not like they did in 1985 but just fine.

  18. Gregg Rollie from Santana was the original singer. He continues to tour and sounds great and has a great show. If you get a chance should see him. I saw him around ’79 at a christmas tree lot in Novato. Drove a gold Mercedes with a “Rollie” license plate. Rollie good, Perry Great. Steve should turn to Blues as his voice would be a better match. Good luck Steve.

  19. what a performer !!! omg! love, love, love it!! Steve Perry is just smashing this!!! what a treat !


  21. I want to see this in person now… Maybe he can do a little tour with eels as a backing band. I’d pay good money for that.

    While his voice isn’t the way it used to be, you can tell he still sings with so much soul and emotion. Almost reminds of Joe Cocker a little bit.

  22. This performance made me VERY sad. He sounds so diminished–no better than an average Joe singing karaoke at his local watering hole on a Saturday night. To think that is all that is left of one of the greatest singing voices in rock history–how sad, sad, sad. Even if he came out of retirement and did a short club tour, I wouldn’t go see him–it would be too depressing…

    And this is definitely not just about his age. Ann Wilson proves otherwise. Cyndi Lauper too. Perhaps he didn’t know how to “care” for his voice over the years and the relentless touring just did too big a number on it, and it’s not been possible to repair it through improved technique or surgery?

    To keep things in perspective: I saw two Heart concerts in Los Angeles about three years ago and Ann Wilson sounded staggeringly impressive live–her voice was 100% (I’m not exaggerating) as strong, powerful, effective, range-y as it was in the vocals she recorded in 1975 (!). It was mind-blowing, and proved to me once and for all that there is not a mandatory/inevitable degradation of a singer’s voice as they age. Perhaps she’s the exception, but clearly she’s doing something right in terms of taking care of her voice and employing proper technique even though she has a physically demanding, rafter-reaching, “hard rock” style of delivery.

  23. Can someone explain what his connection to the Eels is? Thanks in advance.

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