Moby Rio

Among the contributors to Manimal Vinyl’s upcoming Duran Duran tribute comp Making Patterns Rhyme are Warpaint, Little Dragon, Austra, Juliette Lewis, Crocodiles, and Moby. America’s favorite bald vegan’s version of “Rio” turns the bright, summery synthpop song into a foreboding trance-inflected dance cut with seductive female vocals. Hear what he’s done with it below.

(via CoS)

Moby’s “Rio” will hit iTunes on 6/3 via Manimal, and Making Patterns Rhyme will follow sometime later this year.

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  1. Very interesting and unique version!

  2. Ug, not good. Also, I don’t see what the point of covering a song is if you pretty much ditch the original melody. I’m all for changing it up (there’s no point doing a carbon-copy cover either) but once you get too far away it just isn’t a cover anymore.

    Here’s a killer Duran Duran cover of one of their best songs – Chauffeur by The Deftones

  3. You are the RIO World with Duran Duran!

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