Los Campesinos! - "Little Mouth"

Last year, the permanently fired-up Welsh indie-poppers released No Blues, their first album in a couple of years, a long stretch for a band as prolific as this one. But they stayed busy for at least part of that time. Before getting to work on No Blues, they wrote and recorded “Little Mouth,” a warm and melodic single, for the movie Benny And Jolene. And with the movie about to come out, they’re now sharing the song, which is sadly not a Sleater-Kinney cover. Give it a listen below.

Benny And Jolene hits screens, both of the theater and computer variety, 6/6. Find your nearest screening here.

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  1. Shame it’s not a Swans cover either!

  2. still waitin for a US west coast tour from them. Getting antsy.

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