Zane Lowe & Rick Rubin

In an interview with BBC’s Zane Lowe that’s set to air next week, producer Rick Rubin confirmed that he’s currently working the follow up to Kanye West’s Yeezus. NME reports that they are currently “looking at vocal ideas” for the album.

In the interview, Rubin also recounted the first time that West showed him Yeezus demos:

“There were loads of great ideas and there were many many tracks and we listened to everything together. He originally came over and said ’I wanna come play you my new album’ and I thought we’d be listening to a finished album. Then we listened to about three hours of music, most of which didn’t have vocals, and at the end I was like ’wow, so what’s it gonna be?’ I’m thinking it’s a year away and he was like ’well, I’m putting it out in like 5-6 weeks.’ It was just a funny conversation because it was completely normal to him, it’s just the way he works … today, Kanye West is coming in and we’re starting looking at vocal ideas for things for the next album.”

The interview will air in four parts throughout the week on BBC Radio 1, much like the DJ’s interview with West last year.

In related news, last night Dave Chappelle described his first encounter with the rapper on Jimmy Fallon and it’s pretty funny. Watch that below:

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  1. “My life is dope, and I do dope shit.” I am going to steal that line and use it every chance I get.

  2. This is too harsh a reminder that there has been a Dave Chapelle sized holed in this universe for far too long. The man is too good at making me laugh too hard.

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