Genesis 2014

Last time we checked in on Genesis, both its prog- and pop-era frontmen did not rule out a reunion of its classic lineup. Specifically, late last year Phil Collins allegedly said something about “maybe [playing] some shows again, even with Genesis” in a German newspaper, then Peter Gabriel responded to that in Rolling Stone by admitting it would make sense since none of the principals are dead yet. Collins even sang a Genesis song in a rare public performance in Miami last month and sounded really good.

Now, the group behind The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (who last performed together in 1982) — Gabriel, Collins, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, and Steve Hackett — have gotten back together, at least to pose for the promotional photograph above. It comes with the announcement of a forthcoming BBC2 documentary called Together And Apart that is said to feature new interviews with all five musicians. The info was posted today at, which concludes:

There are still rumours that the band has more plans, yet it’s still unclear what that might be. So, the wait may not be over yet. It looks like this year the band itself is simply coming back to life, but at this point they only know what that means…

So there you have it, the main takeaway being that these guys can at least stand to be around one another. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway turns 40 this fall.

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  1. You’d have to think that with all this vague chatter and then you got this pic for the doc which you’d think would only further strengthen the band curiosity, and whatta ya know…next thing ya know Gabriel is on a stage belting out Lamb Lies on Broadway which then leads into Phil bringing up Dodo/Lurker on the back end by the end of 2015.

    Let that thought settle in for a second.

  2. It was not a “Genesis song”, the one Collins sang in Miami.

  3. Yes! I feel this reunion is going to happen.

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