Dolly Parton @ Glastonbury

To be clear: Dolly Parton won Glastonbury simply by showing up. The 68-year-old country music legend is not the type to show up at every festival every summer, but she blessed the UK’s biggest one with her presence this past weekend. She also figured out a way to pay tribute to her host country in the most adorable way imaginable, while going viral in the process. During her performance, Parton pulled out a saxophone and covered “Yakety Sax,” the theme for the old Benny Hill Show. It was awesome. Also, it’s not in the video below, but I have it on good authority that Parton claimed to be “feelin’ a little saxy” before she pulled the instrument out. Watch the performance below.

Billboard reports that, when the BBC broadcast Glastonbury, Parton’s segment got the highest ratings.

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  1. Well.. unless Beyonce drops another surprise album this year I think we’ve found our ‘Best Moment of 2014′.

  2. Everything about this is the best.

  3. This is so great.

  4. Didn’t know she did this, now I regret pushing my way through the crowd (one side of the field to the other = 20 mins) to get to my tent instead of watching.

  5. There is some dispute over whether she’s been miming her “showcase” instrumentals and lip-syncing her vocals for years now…

    I don’t know enough to be able to tell if she was actually fingering the correct notes on that solo, but the CONCEPT makes it cool.

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