Ricky Eat Acid

Ricky Eat Acid has released some lovely collections of (alternately) drone and dance music, but his newest track, “p u l l (may15),” almost bears the marks of a singer-songwriter, though one in the most contemporary sense. Over foggy, glitchy beats put together with a ramshackle charm, REA delivers pitch-shifted and electronically altered vocals. It’s an approach similar to the one used by YYU on similarly self-recorded releases, and it’s something that will ideally be explored even further. Even with the pitch-shifted vocals, cloudy synths, and glitchy beats, this self-taught, home-recorded, and strikingly personal electronica truly feels like the modern form of folk music. Listen.

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  1. It…sounds nothing like what I thought it would based on your description. It’s good, but totally not what I was expecting.

  2. Witch House is not dead.

  3. I want to say the sample is ‘Don’t Move’ by Phantogram actually

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