Tori Amos - "Promise" video

“Promise,” one of the songs on Tori Amos’ new album Unrepentant Geraldines, is a duet with Amos’ 13-year-old daughter Natashya, who, it turns out, can really sing. She also shows up in the song’s brand-new video, which follows Amos’ video for “Trouble’s Lament” as the second one from the album. There’s not much going on in the video — it’s just two of them singing in a room together and doing the hug-from-behind-sway-together thing — but as a person with a daughter, it’s more than enough to get me feeling pretty emotional. Natashya, it seems, has mastered the staring-intently-into-the-camera thing, and she already appears to be taller than her mom. Also of note: Amos has been getting weird with her setlists on her recent tour, playing songs she hasn’t played in years (including songs from her Richard Marxist pre-Little Earthquakes band Y Kant Tori Read!) and a whole lot of ’80s covers. Below, check out the “Promise” video, as well as video of Amos covering Rihanna’s “We Found Love” during a recent Oakland show, completely turning it into a Tori Amos song.

Unrepentant Geraldines is out now on Mercury Classics.

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  1. basically a Celine Dion video

  2. Tori’s daughter is gorgeous for her age and also seems to have a voice that might even top her mother’s (literally and figuratively). This seems like the polar opposite of Madonna hiding her daughter from the limelight and, seemingly, trying to compete with her (dating boys her age, etc.).

  3. Nice, I like the song, but don’t find it particularly great, or awful. Same as I thought when I first heard it. Her voice is not done maturing yet, but I don’t hear that strange, otherworldly tone that Tori has ever becoming prominent. Still, easy to listen to, and of all the musicians I can think of with kids, Tori’s would be one of those I’d be least annoyed by them having a career path similar to their parents.

    Tori does have a receding hairline, though… right? I guess I just noticed that.

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