The Hold Steady

We saw the Franz-less Hold Steady play “Barely Breathing” at their tour kick-off show in Ardsley. Craig Finn looked like he was having a great time, but it was hard to hear him singing over the video crackle. Now that we have this track, it’s clear that, once again, nostalgia plays a big part, as it does in “Hurricane J” and “The Weekenders.” Finn seems to be saying that audiences aren’t the same anymore, but neither are the bands (more “Rock Problems“). Also, with the live version we posted, you didn’t get to hear the smooth-as-silk clarinet that comes in the second half of this song. It’s a delicate touch on this more polished Hold Steady record.

Heaven Is Whenever is out 5/4 via Vagrant.

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  1. Loving the new stuff. Closest to Separation Sunday. Can’t wait for the whole thing

  2. Been digging the new Hold Steady song previews and am anxiously awaiting ‘Heaven Is Whenever’ to drop. AND the July 2nd show my radio station ( has booked with the band. Opening will be The Whigs. TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP!!!

  3. Where’s the post titled “Is Heaven is Whenever the best album of 2010?”

  4. I thought Craig Finn was supposed to be this great song writer. Why’s he covering Duncan Sheik?

  5. seeing them tomorrow in syracuse and this site is ridiculous for trashing the 4 or 5 songs that’ve been released, they’re so great

  6. easily the best of the new songs. I was getting worried.

  7. Finally, something from the new album I can get behind. If Separation Sunday sobered up and had a shower and a shave, this is what it would sound like.

  8. does this new album remind anyone else of “deja entendu?”

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