Minks Funeral Song Album Art

Like previous BTW World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation, Minks comes with few details. Their MySpace says they’re a Brooklyn project, and this live video, taken from a May show at Glasslands, shows six people in their live line-up. Their website is unhelpful. Like Brooklyn’s the Drums, Minks harness a few of the best traits of gothic Brit new wave: ethereal synths, thumping, staccato basslines, overall minimal production. They don’t share the Drums’s sunny, surfy outlook, though. “Funeral Song,” for instance is 80% indecipherable, except for its chorus: “So long, summertime / Not coming back.” “Kusmi” is a different side of the band — hazy, lush, dreamy, with boy/girl harmonies shimmers of guitar and keyboard. If that live video is indication, we’ll get more of that side on their upcoming album, out sometime in September on Captured Tracks.

“Funeral Song” is out on a Captured Tracks 7″ this month. That’s the cover art above. The single also has a video made up of footage from an old high-diving romance. Anyone recognize it?

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  1. Minks, yay! I was hoping you’d write about them. Thanks.

  2. That bass line is “Shadowplay.”

  3. How come all the latest “Bands to Watch” sound exactly the same?
    (ie badly recorded 80s shoegaze tribute acts)

  4. another day…another throw-away band in the ever-growing shitty Brooklyn music scene.

    can it plz stop NOW?!?

  5. This sounds like a 15 year old boy doing a really bad impersonation of Bob Dylan over a backing track from a bootleg Cure Karaoke CD. :(

  6. This is such a rip off….is that it what takes for intern writers to get payed because it is so awful to know that some jerk in his bedroom just learned how to dip his radioshack microphone and then hooked that shit into garage band and made a half-ass effort of a rip-off. So fucking lame how intern writer/bloggers are to jump on the fucking band wagon. What is good asshole? You?

  7. Personally I think these old farts over here at Stereogum don’t get out much and are obviously desperate to pay for their toilet paper. Why don’t you push for something you have spent the time involving your mind in instead of just being some broke stallion with a fleshy port of beer ornament in your lazy stash of being cool. What a waste of my time for these assholes pushing interns to be like them….well, they do hate you and you need your job so keep trying to make Brooklyn out to be like a LA….wizzard.

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