Röyksopp And A Green Guy

With Junior the Röyksopp dudes (here pictured with a green banana nosed guy, you are welcome) made some sweet music with Swedish sirens Lykke Li, and Fever Ray, and Robyn, and continued that collab by fluffing pillows for Sweden’s dancehall queen with the sultry electro escapism of Body Talk Pt. 1’s “None Of Dem.” And the duo is releasing tracks still, via a series they’re hosting called Track Of The Month. The present installment is something called “Hus Nr. 9,” a spacious, spacey double-bass groove-jazz vamp bookended with patented Röyksopp synth-ether and presented with a note: “Between two pages in a dusty book, we found this little number … currently haunting the halls of RYXP mansion.” It’s sounds like what your grandpa would sip brandy to if he was from the future. Get in it.

Catch up on all of Röyksopp’s Tracks Of The Month. And speaking of “None Of Dem,” there are a few more days to enter this remix contest the band’s hosting, ya know, if you’re feeling like a champion.

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  1. i like the clean, spacial sound it has. It tickles the ear drums.

  2. Junior was one of the best electronic albums I’ve ever heard. Dig this too!

  3. love love LOVE this… can not wait to hear Senior!

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