Last night Interpol did “Barricade” on Letterman, which was a good opportunity to check out new bassist Dave Pajo and the band’s new live keyboard player, Secret Machines’ Brandon Curtis. Both did well, though, Pajo’s a bit more low-key than Carlos D, in terms of dress and facial hair. Curtis sang the high notes on the chorus, then got flustered when Letterman walked over to thank the band (watch until the end to catch their awkward non-handshake):

Interpol is out 9/14 via Matador.

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  1. Wow, I think Paul Banks even kinda smiled there at the end.

  2. They should just send instrument-playing mannequins on tour for this record. YAWNNNNNNNNN.

  3. I’m not sure what to think….Do they care???…….do I care?????………..should I watch this any longer……hmmmm probably not


  5. I just got the album and so far it is much stronger than the last album. Interpol is one of those bands for me that needs a few listens for me to capture all the nuances. I already like the Undoing with Paul singing in Spanish in parts. As with the last album, the song (Barricade) they decide to release and showcase is my least favorite.

    They should have played Lights. It really does grow on you and sounds good live. It really held its own at the Creator’s Project show.

  6. That was a great performance. Why do fans expect bands to jump around and act like puppets to keep their attention? The guitar lines are so intricate, they have to stand there. I say, music first.

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