Jared Leto As Kurt Cobain

Yesterday we hoped Kurt Cobain was resting in peace. Jared Leto apparently was not interested in the same. He uploaded a clip to 30SecondsToMars’s YouTube page, described this way:

I heard today (April 5) was the day Kurt passed away 17 years ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long. So grateful for his contribution and inspiration. Not sure I’d be doing this if it weren’t for him. He gave us all permission to create no matter what our skill set and reminded me that dreams are possible. Thanks for that. This made me recall a short piece of film I shot when I heard they were making a film celebrating his life. I made it to explore the character and explore creative possibilities. I never sent it to the studio or to anyone but thought I’d share it now…
- Jared Leto

Apologies for this. All of them.

Jared as Kurt. Kurt as Jon. Make it stop.

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  1. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. You know, this actually isn’t completely horrific. Jordan Catalano would make a great Kurt Cobain.

  3. Jared Leto is still the worst, though.

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    • Christ…. 30 Seconds to Mars isn’t emo and it isn’t fucking 2003 anymore. Listen to CaP’n Jazz or something.

      • Its 2010, and emo sucks just as bad as it did in 2003. In fact it might actually be worse. And Mr. Leto is at least partially responsible.
        Look at this fucking pic and tell me Jared Leto isn’t emo:

        Now look at this pic and tell me his shitty band isn’t emo:

  5. Please explain why it is bad? I would agree that it is pointless. But as far as pointless roleplaying as a musical hero of yours goes it is pretty good.

  6. Just wondering – are you guys hating on this because you dislike Jared’s band, or hating because you actually believe this is terrible?

    I really don’t think it’s bad – I mean, does anyone remember Pagoda and how Michael Pitt purposely dressed and sounded like him?


  7. This is really good, and I don’t like 30 Seconds To Mars. Jared Leto is a really good actor. He sounds, acts, and plays like Kurt in this. He’d be the best choice for the biopic, in my opinion.

  8. yeah this isn’t nearly as awful as I thought it’d be when I read the headline. I’m a bit sketched out that Jared did this… just for fun apparently?

    • He did this as an audition tape. Not sure if it was for the Gus Van Sant film from a couple of years back, “Last Days” that was inspired by true events and used Kurt’s likeness for the title character, but I remember Gus saying that he wanted to make a biopic of Kurt but wasn’t allow to.

  9. doesn’t everyone dress up like their favorite dead hero’s and make weird, somewhat dark, nostalgic videos?

  10. Hey snarkers, cool your jets a bit here. This is a tape of someone who is an actor and a musician trying to see what he can do playing Kurt Cobian and he is doing a good job of it as well.

  11. I hope you realize he only did it because he wants the biopic

  12. People just hate for no reason, the guy is an actor, everyone impersonates their heroes and this seems kinda honest,its also not bad as far as the impersonation goes.Νο comparing musical skills ofcourse.

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    • So, if I can use my amazing power of inference here, what we should take away from that post is that Yanina has very likely dressed up as Jared Leto and recorded a video playing a 30-Seconds to Mars song.

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  15. “I’m a liar and a thief.”

    Well, at least that much is true enough.

  16. as much as i dislike most things jared leto does and even though this has tons of douche-iness associated with it… i must admit that he did a pretty good job and when they eventually make the kurt cobain movie, jared leto wouldnt be bad for the part.

  17. The majority of this performance is based on Jared playing Kurt Cobain tunes. Granted, the guy did a decent job with the hair and the guitar playing but his enunciation of certain lyrics lacked. Much of the time, Kurt sang with a drawl of sorts and because Jared failed to replicate that drawl, I cannot respect this performance. It may be nit picky, but I don’t give a shit… and another thing ( yeah I realize my opinion doesn’t really matter and t

  18. hat Jared prolly “tried his best” and that this is just an interpretation) – this whole walk around the woods shit acting all despondent seems contrived as fuck. And I don’t admire the personal tribute thing either. Posting a few commemorating words would have been in better taste, but hell, he is an actor and maybe that’s how he do

  19. I don’t see any problem with this whatsoever. I can’t see how he is gaining anything from this. It just seems like he was a fan of the band, and made a tribute video to honor Kurt. Apparently, he may be a douchebag in real life, but I doubt any of you have personally met him in real life and cannot accurately judge him because of that. I’m not a fan of his band, however I thought he was a great actor in the films I’ve seen him it.
    I honestly just don’t see what you guys are bashing him for. You’re hating just to hate with no basis.

  20. not gonna read all the comments, all i know is i HATE this guy…BUT i am remain open-minded that he MIGHT be an ok Kurt, maybe…though…i realllly hate it when studios use a famous name for such a ‘delicate’ role. which reminds me, still waiting on the Jeff Buckley biopic thats been in the works for 5 years, i really hope they go with a real musician who’s unknown, sorta like they prolly shoulda done with Kurt. But we’ll see. BTW…wouldn’t it be awesome if Novacelic played himself?! hahahaha, he prolly should.

  21. in the film “Control” the actor who played Ian Curtis was amazing and he was a random guy
    They should casting unknown people

  22. busting in to Rape Me just to drive all his female fans nuts

  23. This is surprisingly way better than I expected. I hate Jared’s music but he did a pretty good job in the movie about the John Lennon killer and he did it again with this video.

  24. (Cringe) Mostly due to Jared’s explanation of it. “Contrived” is such a strong stench.

  25. I feel embarassed for Jared Leto, I hope this will be useful to discourage future generations from doing such things :)

  26. I have absolutely NO problem with Jared Leto. I love him as an actor, and 30 Seconds To Mars might even be one of my favourite bands… but some things just SHOULDN’T be done. Watching this video fills me with a kind of diluted anger mixed with… just… disappointment (the only word I can think of to define this weird churning in my brain)

  27. This is an atrocity. Kurt would have hated him and everything he stands for. Everyone should get off his nuts, the man didnt even want to be famous and a media whore like he is now.

    • Kurt hated everything. If he had any courage at all he would have spent more time exalting the things he loved instead of slagging everything. A little courage and he would still be alive today.

  28. I have to admit the guy has done a good job for the look and shit ya know, does the immpression well but somewhere I beleive Kurt is laughing his ass off at all this lists & and all this crazy shit of all these hoodoo what the fuck ever they are kinda people trying to link all these meanings and explainations to it all, personally I laugh my ass of everytime I see some new headline “Kurt Cobain…yadda…dadda…da..da..da”

  29. Well done Jared… All you haters out there stop hating on Jared. I’m a huge Kurt Cobain fan and I think Jared did a great job. I would cast him as Kurt in a biopic. As an actor myself I can tell you that this was Jared’s interpretation of Kurt he wasn’t supposed to sound exactly like him although he did a fantastic job at just that. Jared’s a great actor and a great musician. RIP Kurt Cobain.

  30. Let’s just watch Last Days and call it a night.

  31. He’s a great actor, which makes the fact his band is shit incredibly annoying. Beautiful hair too. Be interested to know if he actually learned to play (and actually played) left handed for this. Way the video is shot makes me think he didn’t, but be cool if he did. Would respect him a lot lot more as a musician if it was the case.

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