The Strokes Games Conan

The Strokes visited Conan last night and put in this subdued performance of the Casablancas/Valensi-penned “Games.” They sounded and looked great, even though Casablancas appeared to be on the run from the law or the sun. Watch:

Angles is out now via RCA.

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  1. The most boring performance eva.

  2. Julain sounded like a boss

  3. Very boring indeed

  4. no, YOU’RE BORING! but seriously, it sounded really good. I really like this song. And this is the strokes we’re talking about. This is the kind of performance you expect from them, ya know, after a decade.

  5. good perfomance, but sound is so quiet

  6. Not the most exciting song on the album, but they do display some really fine musicianship here, which I think is often underestimated when thinking about The Strokes.

  7. Much better than the Strokes I am used to hearing.

  8. Really, does anyone know why most of them usually look so bored? Valensi and Fraiture look like they’re almost embarrassed. There are times where Casablancas and the drummer look like they have fun. Albert just looks serious or dedicated.

  9. I think Conan thought that it was great to see them again.

  10. This song is great. It actually inspired me to give the album a closer listen. Still don’t like it as much as their other two albums (and Casablancas’ solo album) but this song is definitely one my favorites from them now. I love the “even though Casablancas appeared to be on the run from the law or the sun” line too. His get up did kinda look like he made a quick stop to Hot Topic before the performance. The song is one of the more mellow cuts on the album so I wouldn’t expect high voltage energy during a performance but the musicianship is solid.

  11. They are all grinning because they know the song is shit and they are playing a joke on everyone. At least thats what I imagine when i watched this.

  12. it’s just one of those songs that you DON’T play live, nuff said

  13. I like Fab in this video.. It’s fun to just watch him play this

  14. The best part about this video is the still above, where Albert looks like he’s playing the keyboard by lifting up his leg and playing with his foot.

  15. Jules’ neon yellow kicks are tight.

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