Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 2011

They didn’t break up after all.

Before Twitter there were still buzzbands, and the OGest of blog buzzbands was Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. They were from Brooklyn/Philly, they once played a show at the Knitting Factory that 31 people attended (30 with blogs, one named David Bowie), and overnight they were in the center of the music discourse. They became a model success story for think pieces on DIY music in the internet age, and enjoyed the backlash that comes along with overnight success. They released a more “difficult” second album Some Loud Thunder, carried Tom Hanks, and collectively grew quiet. (Individually, members went solo and collaborated with fellow Philadelphians Dr. Dog, others soldiered on in new projects like Uninhabitable Mansions and old projects like the Guns ’N Roses cover band Mr. Brownstone.) And now they are back, with an updated and a Twitter account (@cyhsyband) and a new record due in June produced by Walkmen/David Byrne/Modest Mouse studio vet John Congleton, who is a good fit given his credentials. (Also, the band’s promising a vinyl reissue/remaster of their self-titled debut, and some fall tour dates.) There’s a teaser video below, which features the guys enjoying the studio, and each other, and sounds that feature louder guitars, less anxious Alec vocals, and more horns than they’re used to. Due in September, here’s a peek at Hysterical:

No word as to whether the new song they played during Fallon’s early late night days, titled “Statues,” will be on it. But you can check that out here.

Clap Your Tour:
08/12-14 – San Francisco, CA (Outside Lands)
08/28 – Los Angeles, CA (Sunset Junction Festival)
09/02 – North Dorset, UK (End Of The Road Festival)
09/06 – Sheffield, UK @ Queens Social Club
09/07 – London, UK @ Scala
09/09 – Airport Tempelhof, Germany (Berlin Festival)
09/12 – Paris, France @ La Maroquinerie
09/13 – Amsterdam, Holland @ Melkweg
09/14 – Cologne, Germany @ Gebaude 9

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  1. very excited about this.

  2. woozefa  |   Posted on May 19th, 2011 0

    you say it’s due in june and september. just pointing that out.

    • Well, with the rapture happening on Saturday, I suppose it’s possible that it comes out in June, or September, or whenever the eternal consciousness of Yaweh emits the CYHSY-particular soundwaves into our ethereal spheres.

  3. this just made my month

  4. Equally Amped.

    Kinda had to stop and think when I read this is their follow-up to Some Loud Thunder… it’s been a long time.

    Actually, I’m most excited about the self-titled vinyl release. Now THAT’S a great album.

  5. Sounds good.

    Also, speaking of pre-Twitter/FB buzzbands, the new Tapes n’ Tapes record is pretty solid too. Really, it IS.

  6. What a cool sounding band… this is the first I’ve heard of them… awesome… I’m a little confused by their history… anyone suggest a good album to start listening to?

    • woozefa  |   Posted on May 20th, 2011 +1

      their first album, the self-titled.

    • Their self-titled is the easiest to get into. Their follow-up “Some Loud Thunder” is a lot stranger, but I’ve come to like it a lot more.

      You also may enjoy the Alec Ounsworth solo album, “Mo Beauty” which is definitely easy to get into. There are obvious stand-out tracks on that one, such as “What Fun,” “Holy Moses,” and “Obscene Queen Bee #2,” which I would recommend checking out to see if you may like that album.

  7. Wow, cannot wait for this album. “Some Loud Thunder” is an absolutely amazing album. The first time around, I did not give it a chance because of mediocre reviews and I was not into “Satan Said Dance” as a single. But here I am in 2011 and I have played the crap out of that album in recent months. My favorite album of the year is one that was released in 2007 and I ignored.

    I definitely recommend people going back to that one and giving it a fair chance. I still love the self-titled album, but “Some Loud Thunder” is at a different level. You can get lost in the album. The sound is perfect really. The harmonies feel so familiar and odd at the same time. I’ll stop gushing now.

    Anyway, love the sound of the trailer. It reminds me of “Some Loud Thunder” meets Flashy Python’s “Skin and Bones.”

  8. about time

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