The band (and fans) previously walked through “Creep.” Here’s Weezer’s studio take on Radiohead’s epic OK Computer track.

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  1. i had no idea weezer could play anything that was even, slightly musically challenging. let alone radiohead. impressive. mos impressive. rivers voice blows though.

    • Like most good bands, they rarely if ever go all out and shred to the point where they push their abilities to the limit.

      Bands that are artistically tasteful know that the important thing is to play in service of the song–and to sound tight. (But please do not in any way infer that I consider Weezer “artistically tasteful.” Quite the contrary.) If a band’s focus is on absolutely shredding all the time, it’s less likely they’ll do either of those things. (Though it certainly can be done.)

  2. Clearly you’ve never heard “Only in Dreams.”

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  4. Rivers completely doesn’t grasp this song. Not a strong vocal take, the rest of the guys did pretty good, and I hate that bassist more than anybody. Pat didn’t get the feel of the solo right, although that doesn’t surprise me.

    Weezer used to be a good band… Pure shit the past decade +

    • i was gonna write that i thought the solo was actually pretty cool, and that there’s no need to play it verbatim greenwood. but then i watched the video again. yeah, something’s off about that solo.

      second solo ain’t bad, though.

    • I’m not sure it’s extremely fair to say that rivers doesn’t grasp this song, who’s to say anyone has a grasp of Radiohead’s music short of Thom himself. I do agree that Weezer has taken a sharp turn downwards but props to them for doing this cover, they could pick a lot worse music to cover. What this really did for me was to remind me of how ridiculously good Radiohead is, and nobody does it like them.

  5. …though to follow up i will give them a single air-five for doing the Blue Album/Pinkerton tour thingy, sometimes bands best ideas are non-ideas at all, just time machines:)

  6. Okay cover.

    ….almost 15 years later, still an AMAZING song.

  7. I think that the cover is pretty good take a few things, keep in mind certain people’s expression of suffering through voice are very different, rivers didnt sound like thom suffering, he sounded like rivers suffering, which if you think back to pinkerton, can be pretty powerful

  8. interesting choice of cover, i find it interesting that considering theyre a band that has their own distinct style (not to mention a band that no one would expect to sound exactly like radiohead) they decide to cover it without changing anything. I can’t call it a regular cover because there is nothing Weezer about the track except the vocals. the rest sounds like a very tight Radiohead cover band with good quality recording equipment.

    Underwhelming, in the end

    • Would you honestly being saying to yourself “if weezer covered radiohead, that would be god awful” at the time when hurley came out? It seems like covering a great band like radiohead would be considered a positive step for weezer, but i guess not even that idea can please the “critics.”

      • I completely agree, I think its a decent cover, and as soon as I saw the headline, I thought “finally theyre taking a step in the right direction.” Maybe they’ll musically progress, given the fact that theyre recognizing Radiohead as an influence at this point. A little late in the game tho :/

  9. Rivers voice is god awful in this. Also ‘What’s thaaaaaaaaaat’ <<<WTF IS THAT?

    • I agree. It was just a bad choice of song to cover for them. They should have covered “Meeting in the Aisle” that way we wouldn’t have to hear his voice – I don’t think he could honestly cover any Radiohead song to well with those pipes – and we could all be impressed by probably the only cover anyone’s ever done of that track.

  10. yea that part really threw me. i was basically just watching this to see if they could pull off something more complex than their music. wish they made it more weezer sounding

  11. i just had a conversation with workmates the other day on how love it or hate it…paranoid android is quite possibly one of the most amazing songs ever.

    this version…hmm…i think i’ll agree with the common thoughts of musically nice cover, but rivers certainly “made it is own”


    • for my money IT IS the most amazing song ever by the most amazing band of the modern era, it’s flawless, it’s crazy, it’s way ahead of it’s time, it never gets old and it’s fucking amazing. though ‘scarily’, you can pretty much say that for 6 or 7 tracks on OKC.

  12. i just had a conversation with workmates the other day on how love it or hate it…paranoid android is quite possibly one of the most amazing songs ever.

    this version…hmm…i think i’ll agree with the common thoughts of musically nice cover, but rivers certainly “made it is own”


  13. If Radiohead covers Only In Dreams, I’ll be a happy camper.

  14. This is surprisingly good, and you all know it. And I hate Weezer of the last decade.

    • Surprisingly good…for Weezer. The first minute of that song is terribly grating. Rivers absolutely drops the ball on this one, and you know it.

      The best part of this is the ‘oh yeah’ moment in the final seconds when the band remembers what it’s like to play quality music together. It’s a profound moment following the commercial slop they’ve been spewing for years. You have to hand it to them for their persistence.

    • Everything except River’s voice is good about this cover. He missed the tone by a mile.

  15. This is actually really ambitious of Weezer. Admittedly, some parts just don’t work for me but overall it’s not bad. That being said, I cannot get over that awful guitar solo. That was all wrong.

  16. This cover knocks my dick in the dirt! Awesome from start to finish. I love how Rivers plays with the vocals _just a little bit_, staying true to the original vocal melody for the most part while throwing in little twists — like when he drags out the word “rest” at the beginning: “I’m trying to get some reee-eee-eee-est.”

  17. clearly rivers does not have the falsetto for this song but the music is decent enough.

  18. I fail to see the point of Weezer covering this with mediocre results.

  19. This is my favorite cover of a Radiohead song: (I apologize for sound issues, still worth the listen)

    I think this epitomizes the idea of covering someone else’s music. This is a string band covering Radiohead! They have to accommodate for all the effects used in Radiohead’s music with 5 bluegrass instruments.

  20. i mean it’s good, but if i have to hear a straight replica i’d rather just listen to the original version by the band themselves. weezer should have done their own take on the song. not bad though instrumentally.

  21. Way to murder a song. Stick to writing songs they’ll use in movie trailers for teenagers.

    I wish I could get in a Delorean and go back to when Weezer was actually good. El Scorcho and the Blue Album > all their garbage since then.

    • How did they murder the song? Aside from the vocals (and the solos being ever so slightly different) It’s the same damn way Radiohead plays it on the album.

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