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For the broader pop cultural population, Björk’s brilliant musical creativity is surpassed by her eccentric personal brand. Not for nothing, I guess. To wit: Last week I was on FUSE’s Hoppus On Music to talk about the albums of the year (so far), and people started chuckling just at the windup about Biophilia and its thematic focus on nature and its attendant iPad apps. (Granted, I am hilarious.) But if you buy into Björk’s wares, this time you can really buy into her wares. Meet Biophilia’s $812 edition. The photos are above, and Hypebeast elaborates:

[This] strictly limited-edition, lacquered and silkscreened oak hinged lid case comes with the full Biophilia Manual as well as 10 chrome-plated tuning forks, silkscreened on one face in 10 different colors, stamped at the back, and presented in a flocked tray. Furthermore, each fork is adjusted to the tone of each of the tracks from Biophiia and covers a complete octave in a non-conventional scale. is adjusted to the tone of each of the tracks from Biophiia and covers a complete octave in a non-conventional scale.

Imagine a studio audience’s response to that bit. There’s also a 48 page hardbound, cloth-covered and thread-sewn manual, 2 CDs, additional essays and exclusive recordings. It’s designe by M/M (based in Paris).

If you want this, you have one week to order it, and also you have serious love for Björk. Her online store is taking orders only until August 12th.

To catch up on Biophilia, check out our extensive Q&A conducted between Björk and Brandon (RIP), “Crystalline” (plus its Michel Gondry-directed video), and “Cosmogony.” The album is out 9/27.

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  1. If this were “Win Bjorks-biophilia-the-800-box-set”, there’d be 400+ facebook replies by now.

  2. I’d buy that without a second thought if I could afford it. I’m THAT type of Bjork fan.

  3. You know what? All that stuff is very nice, but $800 is just outrageous and offensive. It wouldn’t matter what artist was charging that; there is no reason it should be anywhere near that expensive.

  4. $800 dollars for some colorful tuning forks. Sounds reasonable, I’ll buy it.

  5. Are there tuning forks in this box set because “fork” rhymes with “Björk”?

  6. Also, there’s a bit of a repeating statement error in the Hypebeast quote.

  7. Totally worth $800…. but $812? That’s outrageous!

  8. This would be worth $800 if the tuning forks actually played the whole song.

    Also, $800 is just a nice way of basically saying “A Grand” (don’t come for free)

  9. Bjork is pretty much an avant-garde iconic musician and performance artist but I would of never thought of her as a huckster. When so many people are struggling to make a dolla to even put this out there for the outlandish price of $800 is not only offensive but just plain silly. I hope to Gawd that the proceeds are earmarked to a charity or something in that vein.

    • Two words: Record Companies. Still, if people are willing to pay… Seriously put off by all this CASH GRAB. Does this diminish my respect for the artist? You’d have to ask yourself that.

  10. Yeah, for $800 I’m surprised that it doesn’t include an iSomething containing all the apps, especially since it sounded like that was kind of a big part of the “Biophilia experience.”

    Granted, if you can shell out $800 for this on short notice you probably don’t need an iSomething, but still…

  11. One man’s box of Bjork tuning forks is another man’s box of Rammstein dildos.

  12. Where’s the article about the Achtung Baby reissue so we can all hate on U2?

  13. Yeah – wait until they announce the prices for that! (U2)

  14. You couldn’t pay me 800. Seriously she coughs and it’s a box set. Ugh.

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