IKEA furniture never lasts very long, so it’s vaguely (emphasis on vaguely) ironic that Lisa Loeb, whose “Stay (I Missed You)” and bewitching glasses have lasted longer than we would’ve ever imagined, ended up playing a show in the store. Not exactly a Take-Away, it’s part of Mark Malkoff’s “Mark Lives In IKEA” series of videos (he looks pretty good for a diet of meatballs and lingonberry juice). This on top of her recent blogging … Can you smell a resurgence? Take it away Paramus.

Two strange things here:

  1. Mark’s wife’s favorite singer of all time is Lisa Loeb and
  2. That woman is Mark’s wife. She looks more like an IKEA spokes model, all Swedish-y and such.

Why not have the Knife play? They’ve already proven they can tackle unconventional venues. Whatever, Lisa sounds great, and she got to go home with a well-stuffed gift bag. You can see more of Mark’s in-store hijinx at his site. Oh one thing that never gets answered: How do you say “Lisa Loeb In A Thong” in Swedish?

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  1. ll  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2008 0

    I also read she was selling her new album at a “pay what you want” type model on a new downloading site for independent artists called Amie Street. The songs seem to have jumped in price a little, but you can see for yourself at http://www.amiestreet.com/lisaloeb

  2. Stereogum, 2/1/2006 – “And that’s your first and last Stereogum post about Lisa Loeb.”

    How do you say that in Swedish?!

    By the way, she’s promoting her new double CD (the first disc is her demo from the early 90s).

  3. Alrin da Specter  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2008 0


  4. @Alrin da Specter

    You are so so right. Fixed!

  5. chad  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2008 0

    Where’s the comedy part?

  6. FREDTERP  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2008 0

    There was a feature on jdate.com on LL. FREDTERP http://jmag.jdate.com/jmag/articles/loeb.htm

  7. Jimmy James  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2008 0

    Mark Dworkin’s IKEA bit is the most unfunny comedy I’ve ever seen. There’s no way he’s married to that Amazon.

  8. Ralf  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2008 0

    sadness prevails

  9. remember when lisa loeb had that reality show a couple [few...?] years back? boooooooring.

  10. The answer to your question: Lisa Loeb i tangatrosa, that’s swedish for LL in a thong =)

  11. Hmmmm  |   Posted on Jan 25th, 2008 0

    No Ikea bashing please. I’ve had a bed and couch of theirs that has lasted many many moons. It’s hit or miss, but overall not bad.

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