Every week, we dig in the archives for videos that we find noteworthy, memorable, or just unbelievably stupid. And then, Jon McMillan breaks ’em down for you. Why Video Hangover? Because when you watch as many videos as we do, you’re going to feel it afterwards.

“She’s Gone”
Hall & Oates, 1976

Whatever you do, please do not stop the video before the 2:45 mark.

I take back everything I said about Sasha Frere-Jones. These guys are way funkier than the Arcade Fire.
Start with the hair from a Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie tribute band, mix in some
Flight Of The Conchords faux-earnestness, a dash of Barry and Levon cheese, and a very short man in a very tight devil costume, and you only begin to get a sense of what’s going on here.

Want to know why this might be my favorite video ever? Because the answer to every question is “yes.”
Is Daryl Hall wearing high-heeled clogs and smoking a cigarette during the video? Yep. Are they literally “paying” the devil to replace the woman by throwing fake money in the air every time they sing the lyric? Of course. Is John Oates wearing a tuxedo shirt with neither arms, sides, nor back? You bet! And does the devil then help him into a tuxedo jacket, and does that tuxedo jacket have flippers, and does Oates then rip off a wicked fake solo while holding the guitar in his flipper-clad hands? Yes, yes, yes, yes!

They’ll always be Oates & Hall to me
As usual, Hall is dogging it while Oates carries the load. Is Daryl on drugs, or is he just channeling his inner supermodel (at 1:37 — uh, aren’t you supposed to be lip synching or something)? Meanwhile John is acting his heart out and hitting all the money-throwing cues, all while wearing ridiculous 8-inch platform shoes. Not bad for a guy who’s known primarily for having one of the worst (or is it best?) mustaches of all time.

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  1. Sir Terrence Tuppins  |   Posted on Jan 29th, 2008 0

    This video rules, even for everything that’s wrong about it.

    Does anyone know how much of these “bold new concepts in music video” were the brainchild of their former manager, Tommy Mottola (AKA the “Cherchez La Femme” guy, the former Mr. Mariah Carey, ex-Sony CEO, etc.)?

  2. “.. and welcome back to the Mourning Show! Yes, we’re high, and – you know it – there are no guests”.

  3. bookwibble  |   Posted on Jan 29th, 2008 0

    Is that a penguin costume jacket Oates is wearing??

  4. Hunter  |   Posted on Jan 29th, 2008 0

    classic! i hate to admit it. But i used to own this cassette. jeez

  5. so so glorious in so many ways. hall looked like a messed up studio 54 female mannequin. oates looked like that one uncle everyone has. who could ask for anything more?

  6. Abby  |   Posted on Jan 29th, 2008 0

    Okay, what the hell does Hall put over the back of the chair round about 2:00? It looks like a cross between a pipe, a telescope and a party blower.

  7. camp7NdN  |   Posted on Jan 29th, 2008 0

    Make It Rain! 1:08

  8. Aari  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2008 0

    I own, and wear, clothing similar to what the devil wears. Oh yes.

  9. Duh, this is the greatest music video of all time. Someone spent hours upon hours working on this conceptual piece.

    This is what happens when everybody’s high on consolation.

  10. Rina  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2008 0

    That video is made of awesome

    First time I’ve seen it and also the first time I’ve found Hall sexy. He reminds me of the trannie on All My Children.

    Oates’ shirt is straight out of the lobster eating scene in Flashdance, too.

  11. Joe Holt  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2008 0

    Allegedly Deniro modeled much of his “Louis Cipher” character in “Angel Heart” on this captivating, sinister depiction of the Lord of Darkness…

  12. Dan  |   Posted on Jan 31st, 2008 0

    Let’s just say that this song and video are truly made of pure awesomeness. This is probably evidenced by the fact that this same awesomeness went into “Maneater”, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”, and “You Make My Dreams Come True”. I don’t think anyone can contend that.

  13. angie  |   Posted on Feb 1st, 2008 0

    There is an interview with Daryl Hall where he explains how this video came about. Basically, he just suddenly had this idea that they just be “crazy”. Their first and obviously best video.

  14. Jennings  |   Posted on Feb 28th, 2008 0

    this has saved my life

  15. govermentcheese  |   Posted on Dec 7th, 2008 0

    Right on Brother.. Brings back great memories of great times. The 70,s were great times. When america had jobs for people. Before cell phones before internet three big networks on tv no cable tv. Just great times.. Iam 48yrs old graduated in 1978 and they were great times… The 1950s dont have nothing on the 1970s…

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