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Here’s something we missed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon the night before last. Fallon and guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt, apparently friends in real life, got together to sing karaoke and do impressions of other singers. Fallon, as David Bowie, sang Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” JGL, as Axl Rose, sang Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.” And then the two of them, as Bowie and Axl, sang Lady Gaga’s “The Edge Of Glory.” And there’s no nice way to say this, but these two impressions are … well, they are trying. Observe:

Give them this: Between the two of them, Fallon and JGL are the tag-team champions of wanting us to like them.

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  1. Oh man, Jimmy better be careful — Doesn’t he know that “Pumped Up Kicks” is a dangerous influence on the kids? (http://news.yahoo.com/authorities-arrest-14-old-school-threat-001825950.html)

  2. I honestly didn’t think Fallon’s Bowie was bad, but JGL’s Axl was ATROCIOUS. It was like … way too low and raspy and gurgly, when it needed to be high and piercing.

  3. This just makes me wish that David Bowie and I were best (karaoke) friends.

  4. Hmm. JGL can impersonate a talentless douchebag, woo! He should impersonate Axl lecturing the crowd.

  5. I think Bowie is kinda easy to impersonate/wing it, Axl sounds hard and painful (TWSS).

  6. Thumbs Up for joseph!

  7. Jimmy is great! Always good for a laugh

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