We’ve already heard a few tracks from Justice’s new album Audio, Video, Disco, as well as a four-minute preview of the entire LP. This weekend, two more tracks leaked, and both of them have more of a classic-rock edge than anything on the French dance duo’s debut album. “Canon” sounds like a Rick Wakeman keyboard solo being EQ’ed to death, and “Newlands” is like the quiet slow-burn intro of an AC/DC track (“Thunderstruck,” say) stretched out into an entire song, with extra-smooth vocals. Listen to both songs below.



Audio, Video, Disco is out 10/25 on Ed Banger/Because/Elektra.

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  1. People will no doubt hate this because its doesnt have the wet fart squelching sound of the first album (Which I like! just to clear it up) but I for one really like this new direction. Its not like they could just make Cross again. Plus, like Daft Punks human after all before it, this new direction may sound slightly underwhelming (to a fan of cross), but live this album will be on another level. Im sure Civilisation and Helix will be just as big as waters of Nazareth.

  2. This is actually pretty awesome (especially in comparison to some of the other recent releases)!

  3. So glad they went in this direction with the new album

  4. Geez.. Why is it so hard to believe that some people will hate it, not because it’s not crooss, but simply because it’s not so good?

    • Because like everything else in life, good is subjective. What you consider not good will, more often than not, be someone else’s awesome.

      Different strokes for different folks.

  5. This sounds someone sat down at the console with some shitty 70′s band’s tracks and muted the vocals. Why is this even considered anything?

  6. Things are starting to look up for this new album!

  7. they said in interviews in arena-rock influenced…why are people still getting all upset about the nonexistence of waters of Nazareth 2.0! The arpeggiated double guitar on canon sounds sick, and the tempo change 3/4 of the way through newlands is awesome. At this point, I expect the tracks getting released to sound nothing like cross, and kinda more like early digitalism…and I really like it

  8. i dont know what to think of it…….i guess ill just have to wait for pitchfork to tell me if its good or not……………LOLJKS

  9. sounds like a band!!

  10. I was skeptical, but these sound great!

  11. yeah i’m way more impressed with these songs, than the earlier ones of the new album… especially newlands sounds kind of old school, but well produced and very good for the dance floor!

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