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On the 2009 season of American Idol, in which he finished second place, Adam Lambert proved himself to be really good at wailing high notes, whether or not the songs he was singing actually required those high notes. And now he tells the British press that he’s about to stand in for one of rock’s all-time great high-wailiers: Freddie Mercury.

According to the Daily Star, Lambert claims that he’ll be joining Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor at Europe’s touring Sonisphere festival: “The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some fucking great songs. It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of.” He also claims that he’s not trying to replace Mercury.

This is all faintly ridiculous, but it at least makes slightly more aesthetic sense than Queen’s last stand-in singer, the gruff-voiced Bad Company/Free blues-rock growler Paul Rodgers. Someone should make Lambert grow a Freddie Mercury mustache, though.

UPDATE: False alarm.

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  1. You win April Fool’s, Stereogum. Wait. Shit.

  2. They obviously just Googled “flamboyant gay singer.”

  3. This… is terrible news.

  4. hahahahahahaha

  5. Amen to the mustache.

  6. shitstorm.jpg

  7. That is a totally misleading headline; he’s not their new lead singer – he’s appearing with them at this event.

    Alt headline: “Adam Lambert Sings Karaoke with Queen”

  8. This sucks.

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    • Ha! Typing with RANDOM interjections of ALL-CAPS always a DEAD giveaway you haven’t actually had a CHILL PILL and/or SENSE OF HUMOR. While that one GUY who said the thing about PAINTING NAILS obviously had his PREJUDICES, I think most of us just found it funny that a contestant from a RIDICULOUS REALITY SHOW would be trying to fill the shoes of FREDDIE FUCKING MERCURY, who make no mistake IS AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND. Brian and Roger asked PAUL ROGERS to fill in for Mercury too, and that was EQUALLY RIDICULOUS. Get over yourself.

      • SCREW you OLD thompson!! ADAM is the GREATEST musician that will EVER grace this pLaNeT you IGNORANT FOOL!! he will be BETTER than freddie in EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY! you’re just a JeLlY hAtEr!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I’M WITH NINA!!!!!!!!

    • The MTV Enemas? Did I read that wrong?

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  11. At least Marc Martel won the Queen Extravaganza contest. Just watch. He’s Freddie through and through.

  12. Dude’s got a voice, I’d buy a ticket to this show.

  13. there’s trolls coming outta the woodwork for this one…

  14. I’ve been wanting to see this happen for the past few years.

  15. wait this guy didnt win , theres no way adam lambert is better than him.

  16. It is not as crazy as it would seem. Queen was always a pop band with a penchant for the grandiose, I mean come on Bohemian Rhapsody. If these guys want to get out and dust the old songs off live who else would they get? Freddie had crazy range and a theatrical stage presence. This move connects Queen to a whole new generation and end up selling a few more million records.

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    • always thought you were a weak character. so mainstream. what will pitchfork think of you now. lol.

    • on second thought, why hate on someone who looks like you? is he ruining the street cred of people who invoke the awesome powers of the guy-liner?

    • A very apt thing to say considering the article in question. It’s like saying it’s like saying if Freddie Mercury can get away with his thing, Adam Lambert can do it to. :)

      If you’re going to troll around, put some effort into it, baby.

    • And, with that, you’re no longer an interesting character. It’s all too obvious now. You can’t just state that, like a 5 year old giving away the plot.

      It was all a lie I guess. You’ve broken this puppet’s heart.

    • If somebody’s got a photoshop of rubberjohnny’s head jumping over a shark, now would be a good time to post it. Just sayin’.

  19. What!?? That was a job for Mika.

  20. Why is rubberjohnny0829 so stupid?

  21. Having been a devoted “QUEEN” fan since first watching them on the Old Grey Whistle test and seeing them live more times than most people have had hot dinners, before Freddie was even considered as being gay having a very beautiful girlfriend Mary.
    I was disappointed with Paul Rogers performance of Queen songs (although brill with Free & Bad Company) at Mandela concert. However I was impressed with Adam Lambert performance it had an attitude that Freddie himself would have appreciated. His vocal range is amazing and I don’t give a fig if he is Gay or simply very happy !!!! There was a Manchester lad on X factor a few years ago who also had the vocal range to do Freddie justice but didn’t have the flamboyance or arrogance(good thing) that Adam Lambert has.
    I’m shocked at how few people can take a joke or have we lost our ability to respect a fine example of sarcasm ” flamboyant Gay vocalist” does fit the job description. Love ya always Freddie entertaining the angels (probably wearing one of his old Zandra Rhodes outfits lol)

  22. why not just scour the Philippines for singers? It did wonders for Journey!

    • Ya know, I wanted to hate that guy… but I don’t. They sound good and they look they’re having fun. Besides, Journey never really stopped being Journey until Steve Perry, who is not an original member, apparently couldn’t do it any more. If they’re happy doing what they’re doing, more power to ‘em.

      Still wish Steve could still do it, though.

  23. Shouldn’t the headline change to include the update?

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