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By Chris Walla
There’s no shortage of articles about this so-called credit crunch we’re in, how shitty the economy is, how gas is four bucks a gallon, how your neighbors’ houses are going on the block sooner than later, all that. “Genevieve & Me” is a song I wrote and recorded in about three hours last month, after a close friend was suddenly sucked under: It seemed, for a few days, like he was going to lose his home, even though all conventional logic would suggest he’s in great shape financially. It all got sorted out, but I got the guest room all cleaned out nonetheless. And I recorded this, on a cassette.


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  1. Brilliant! Love the demo, sir.

  2. Evan  |   Posted on May 20th, 2008 0

    New tune is great, like the overdubbed vocals!

  3. Nice tune. And on cassette? ever more awesome.

  4. It’s such an upbeat song about such a sorry situation. Laughable darkness…I love that balance of truth. Thanks for sharing your demo with us! Your album Field Manual is such a great balance of relaxing and rockin’ music. In all your “free” time you should write another one! Then, come to Bremerton again and we will all rally for Obama. ;) Love ya!

  5. Richard  |   Posted on May 21st, 2008 0

    hey, Chris,

    your friend Ryan Russell is a complete DOUCHEBAG!! as well as a fat ass fuck!!!!

  6. I’m sorry, is DCFC guest blogging or is it just Chris Walla?

    (I’m kidding) But Chris does seem pretty into this blogging gig.
    Thanks for the posts!

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