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We decided on this week's 5 Best Songs only after a fairly brutal culling process: No question, Mastodon, Mr. Twin Sister, EMA, Beach Slang, and John Southworth deserved to be on here, and there were…   Read Story »
Ariel Pink has a new album coming out, which means Ariel Pink is going to be giving more interviews and thus saying more weird things. Earlier this summer, on an online talk show, Pink told a story…   Read Story »
Ariel Pink has left a deep impact on the brains of an entire generation of indie musicians, and he's released eleventy billion albums since he started doing lo-fi home recordings. But he's never…   Read Story »
The two members of the hazy Brooklyn-based narco-pop duo Ex Cops are connected. Billy Corgan executive produced their new album Daggers, and Sky Ferreira collaborator Justin Raisen produced it. Ariel…   Read Story »
Plants are living things too, right? So why shouldn't they get music just like the rest of us? That's the goal of artist Peter Coffin, who began his Music For Plants art series in 2002. Inspired by a…   Read Story »
In a Fox News appearance last September, Ariel Pink alluded to an incident in which he was maced but he didn't elaborate. He finally tells all to Alexi Wasser in her YouTube show Alexi In Bed. "I got…   Read Story »
Earlier this year, Vivian Girls broke up, something that seemed to be looming as the years passed and the members moved on to other great projects. Frontwoman Cassie Ramone has been playing in her…   Read Story »
Two years ago Light In The Attic reissued Donnie & Joe Emerson's 1979 LP Dreamin' Wild, the album that yielded "Baby," a song lovingly covered by Ariel Pink and Dâm-Funk around the time of the…   Read Story »
Phoenix have just announced some North American tour dates to go along with their previously scheduled appearances at Governor's Ball and Bonnaroo, and to coincide with that news, they've released an…   Read Story »
Jerry James' "Lana Del Rey" acts as the male equivalent of Kitty's Danny Brown ode "Okay Cupid," landing somewhere between oddly charming and stupid fun. As with Kitty, what elevates the song beyond…   Read Story »