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The subway advertisements have caught your attention. You've noticed it listed over and over again on your digital cable box guide. You've seen the DVDs both in houses and left on stoops, just in…   Read Story »
Last year Best Coast released Fade Away, which at seven tracks was something like the group's third album but was dubbed a "mini-album." In an interview around that time, Bethany Cosentino said she…   Read Story »
Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino doesn't really strike me as the audiophile type, and yet she recently recorded a live-in-studio session for the speaker manufacturer Jawbone, showing off its binaural…   Read Story »
Hoverboards! Who didn't want one after seeing Back To The Future Part II? Even I wanted one, and I'm terrified of heights and gave up attempting to skateboard after just one marginally nasty fall.…   Read Story »
We're almost (almost!) done reflecting on the year that was, so it's time to start taking a closer look at the year that will be. For the past several years, we've ranked our most anticipated albums.…   Read Story »
Muffs leader Kim Shattuck was recently, unceremoniously, unapologetically dismissed from the Pixies, notified by the band's manager. Upset leader Ali Koehler was let go as the drummer of Best Coast…   Read Story »
Best Coast's video for "This Lonely Morning," a fuzzily sunny song from their new Fade Away EP, has all the song's lyrics printed onscreen, but it's not really a lyric video. And it debuted on Funny…   Read Story »
In recent weeks we've heard about musician-versus-audience showdowns involving Fiona Apple and Neko Case that resulted in both singers erupting at their fans. Now let's add Best Coast to their…   Read Story »
Best Coast released their new Fade Away EP last week, prompting this Chris DeVille piece about the value of perfecting a single sound and staying in your lane. And if anything, the group's new video…   Read Story »
Best Coast's new EP Fade Away came out yesterday. It sounds... like Best Coast. There are distorted guitars, sugary girl-group vocals, simple major-key chord progressions, jaunty tempos, arching…   Read Story »