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In 1992, the Canadian country-music revisionist k.d. lang won a bunch of awards for "Constant Craving," her sweeping and inescapable heartbreaker. And now the slithering Australian noise-pop rasper…   Read Story »
It's that time of year again: Time to take stock of the vast armies of new musicians making music in the past year, and to pick out a few dozen of the best and brightest. In the three previous annual…   Read Story »
2013's best new artist is Kirin J Callinan. Here are some reasons why. In his last video, for the debut LP title track "Embracism," Kirin was naked, and the star was his buttcheek. The self-directed…   Read Story »
A few days late but stacked with excellence, here is your collection of May's absolute jams. For optimal ease of consumption, you'll find it here in three forms: a 12-track downloadable zip of the…   Read Story »
Kirin J Callinan is 2013's most kinetic, confounding, and exciting "new" artist. For real! This is an opinion easier to come upon, and maintain, if you've had the good fortune of seeing him live…   Read Story »
In his video for "Embracism," Kirin J Callinan wakes up naked, shows off copious buttcheek and a few homemade-looking tattoos, lets out a mighty groan, and begins to grunt out his lurching,…   Read Story »
After experimenting with three formats for the Monthly Mix -- MP3 zip, Spotify playlist, Soundcloud set, etc. -- in March we finally came upon a solution that pleased everyone: all of them. And so,…   Read Story »
If you want something a little out of the ordinary, please meet Kirin J Callinan, a man whose Embracism has been highly anticipated around here since he delivered one of our 10 Favorite Sets Of CMJ…   Read Story »
As we approached last week's CMJ marathon, thought-leading haymakers of all stripes were of a single mind: This year there just wouldn't be much hay to make. There appeared to be no big story to…   Read Story »