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British-rock duo the Big Pink released their Future This album earlier this year, and now they're offering a free-download EP of various remixes of songs from the album. The range of remixers here is…   Read Story »
Here's the frenetic clip for the Big Pink's lastest single, "Lose Your Mind," a jarring, visceral clip that's in touch with the track's jagged textures. Watch it below. Future This is out now…   Read Story »
The clip for the Big Pink's anthemic "Give It Up" is a druggy kaleidoscope of a visual, ominous and dark at the edges. Watch it at VEVO. Future This is out now on 4AD.   Read Story »
England's the Big Pink are masters of the soaring electro-rock anthem and "Give It Up," a cut from their new LP Future This is no exception. 4AD recently made the track available for free download,…   Read Story »
UK electro rockers the Big Pink serves up a remix of "Black, White & Blue," the first single from Ladyhawke's forthcoming Anxiety, instilling the track with some of their signature industrial churn.…   Read Story »
The Big Pink recently took to BBC 1 Live Lounge to perform some stripped-down cuts from Future This as well as cover Gotye's virally-popular "Somebody That I Used To Know." Check that out, as well as…   Read Story »
Electro rockers the Big Pink have thus far teased their new record Future This with a single, "Hit The Ground (Superman)," and now they're streaming the record in its entirety. Head over to Spin to…   Read Story »
Staying busy while his year-end buzz still simmers, King Krule recently remixed the Big Pink's new one "Hit The Ground (Superman)" and appeared in a new performance video for San Francisco's Yours…   Read Story »
The Big Pink make the sort of titanic Brit-rock that demands to be used in action-movie trailers. But the duo's two members have noise-scene roots, which you can hear bleeding through their wall of…   Read Story »
As volume-knob maximalists with tender hearts and thoroughly distorted guitars, the Big Pink are a logical act to be in the Smashing Pumpkins-cover game. Their take Siamese Dream's "Mayonaise" dots…   Read Story »