Beach House Write A Song On A Norwegian Train

Aside from the horrible exchange rate and like $50 beers, Norway’s a very cool place. Stereogum’s got a soft spot for it: that’s where Brandon and I first joined forces, during coverage of Øya Festivalen 2006 in Oslo. Annie and Noxagt and Serena-Maneesh and Erlend Øye and black metal thrive there. And journalists, when they find themselves with a video crew and on the same train as Beach House, have the balls to ask the duo to write a song especially for them, and follow that up with a live video recording of the tune in the destination station. Nice work, Norway. Now the song’s first lyric sounds like it might just be a Beach House bitch out for being disturbed mid-journey by this project (“We were sleeping ’til you came along…”), but it winds up being just a nice, sepia-tinged Beach-y sing along. Victoria and Alex explain:

so on our journey through norway we were asked by norwegian tv if a reporter could join us on the train trip from bergen to oslo. they also asked that beach house write a song on the train journey through the mountains and that they record it for radio on the train and at oslo staion for tv. the results are thus…..

Well shit they made that seem pretty easy. Guess we can expect a(nother) great album soon then. That comes via this site, which is called either NRK or Lydverket. Norwegian readers, could you translate this please?

Lydverket utfordret amerikanske Beach House til å lage en låt på toget mellom Bergen og Oslo. Victoria Legrand og Alex Scally ble så fascinert av mektige fjell, klare elver, grønne tær, snø, bittesmå trehus og Norge at det resulterte i denne fine låten. Som vi kan driste oss til å kalle “Norway”. Her fremført helt ytterst på en perrong på Oslo S.

Takk in advance.