Neil Young Covers The Fresh Prince Theme

Bang the Fallon gong, this is easily the best bit on Late Night since “Let Us Play With Your Look,” and Sara Schaefer’s right in that it’s a good reminder of why Jimmy got the job in the first place. (It’s good to have reminders!) Has the Late Night writing staff been sitting on this since the show’s launch, though? Or did they just realize it was basically brilliant? Either way Jimmy’s sitting on a bunch of impressions this worthy and it’s a positive sign for the show’s future (as was his ability to look more natural than his guest in the bits with Blake Lively later in the show). (Being more natural than Serena van der Woodsen is better than not being more natural than Serena van der Woodsen, anyway.) Fallon does for the the Fresh Prince what Sam Beam did for the Postal Service, with less beard, more laughs, and about the same amount of folk. Awesome bit, great job:


Jimmy studied well at the school of SNL alum Neil Young impressions. (Relevant starting at 3:22.)