Here We Go Magic Just Picked Up A Hitchhiking John Waters

This really happened, earlier today, “in the middle of Ohio,” according to @HereWeGoMagic: Iconic eccentric filmmaker John Waters hopped in the Here We Go Magic band van after sticking his thumb out on an interstate highway. Here’s the tweetstream:

That photo up there has John with HWGM leader Luke Temple. DCist points to an old Waters interview in which he mentions his love for hitchhiking (“it’s a great way to meet people, and to have sex”), and had band member Michael give a little explanation:

…there was a man at the side of the on-ramp with a sign that read ‘to the end of Rte 70.’ Jen wanted to pick him up, but we drove past him. As we passed by, our sound guy said ‘John Waters’ Luke said, ‘Yep, definitely John Waters.’ We got off at the next exit and circled back. He was still there. We pulled up, opened the door and asked where he was coming from. ‘Baltimore,’ he said. And we said ‘Get in, sir.’

If you’ve seen Waters’ films you definitely know that weirder things have happened, but still, what a joyously bizarre blip to break up the road-slog of being a touring band.

[Photos via @AvtarK and @TurnerJen]

UPDATE: Here’s an interview with Jen Turner about the experience.