New Twilight Sad Video – “Seven Years Of Letters”

This Adam Stafford-directed clip is the second video, for the second single, from the Twilight Sad’s second album. It’s in the same vein as the first: The color palette is muted just like “I Became A Prostitue,” and the piece is nearly as cryptic in that there isn’t much of a narrative, but there is a vague connection between lyric (“You’re running scared, we’re on a hiding to nowhere”) and action (lake-dumping in masks, and mysterious gangs that burn said masks). Just this morning I noticed how similar the intro progression is to “On A Highway” from the Fall Be Kind EP, which made listening to the Twilight Sad and Animal Collective’s respective melodic/studio treatments a fun side-by-side, one iced and bleak, the other warm with references to sunstrokes and flowers, both good examples of how these bands contort their styles into their own forms of pop.

Forget The Night Ahead is out via FatCat.