Japandroids Bring Their “Wet Hair” To Fallon

Between the unexpected Jawbox and Black Star reunions, the Yacht Rock superjam, and the Roots subbing as the best backing band in late night (see: Elvis Costello, Monsters Of Folk, Paul Simon, the Lonely Island, Zach Morris), Jimmy Fallon’s music department’s did everything right in ’09 to vault from newcomer to reigning king of late night music. But what cemented Late Night’s status had less to do with gimmick than with consistently daring booking. And Jimmy started 2010 right last night with Japandroids — the exuberant and punky garage-pop duo that’s probably sold less albums than Fallon’s studio holds people — giving a relatively underexposed band a shot at winning some fans that don’t read blogs or have the legs for CMJ. The Canadians brought “Wet Hair,” a song they Dropped on us last summer, punning in tandem on Bikini Kill and french kissing. When we first heard it the weather matched the wordplay; last night was likely on par with the Vancouver chill they suffered while writing it. So, a jam for all seasons:

Post-Nothing is out via Polyvinyl.