The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Black Mold”

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion return this September with Meat And Bone, the band’s first new studio album in eight years, and a collection that seems to have reignited the trio’s passion for playing scuzzy roots-rock with one another. Here’s Spencer’s take, via press release:

“We still have that psychic glue that allows us to create music together. Over the course of a year touring and writing new songs and recording, we rediscovered our shared history as a band. We circled the wagons, and went back to our roots. In a way this is almost like another first album.”

Stream the LP’s opening track “Black Mold” below, and/or download it in exchange for an e-mail address.

01 “Black Mold”
02 “Bag Of Bones”
03 “Boot Cut”
04 “Get Your Pants Off”
05 “Ice Cream Killer”
06 “Strange Baby”
07 “Bottle Baby”
08 “Danger”
09 “Black Thoughts”
10 “Unclear”
11 “Bear Trap”
12 “Zimgar”

Meat And Bone is out 9/18 via Boombox/Mom + Pop.