Stream Delicate Steve’s Positive Force

This is the story of how versatile young Luaka Bop multi-instrumental composer Delicate Steve got his friends to put his album on their Facebook walls. At first blush this makes the Delicate Steve experiment extraordinarily ordinary, but for the essential differentiating factor that Delicate Steve’s friends have abnormally influential social media pages, because his friends are in abnormally successful bands. This happened yesterday, though you can still hear every track on Steve’s Positive Force (including the previously posted “Afria Talks To You“) thanks to his label, and via the Facebook pages of Yeasayer, tUnE-yArDs, Akron/Family, Ra Ra Riot, Janka Nabay, Javelin, Givers, Fang Island, Yellow Ostrich, and Wild Belle. You don’t have to “Like” anything or anything like that, which makes it extra special. All in all a good idea by Steve, well conceived, well executed, and a nice play on the album’s title. Here’s the tracklist with the Facebook linkouts:

01 “Ramona Reborn” (via Akron/Family)
02 “Wally Wilder” (via Ra Ra Riot)
03 “Two Lovers” (via tUnE-yArDs)
04 “Big Time Receiver” (via Javelin)
05 Positive Force (via Givers)
06 “Love” (via Wild Belle)
07 “Redeemer” (via Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang)
08 “Afria Talks To You” (via Yeasayer)
09 Tallest Heights (via Fang Island)
10 “Luna” (via Yellow Ostrich)

If Facebook’s not your idea of Positive Force, two album standouts are here as MP3s:

Delicate Steve – “Afria Talks To You”
Delicate Steve – “Two Lovers”

May as well take them here, since Yeasayer and tUnE-yArDs are the two acts least needing the Facebook kickback. Also may as well take them for they are quality jams.

Positive Force is out 7/10 via Luaka Bop.