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Band To Watch: Hospital Ships

As we pass saturation point for press coverage of Montreal, Portland, Brooklyn and et cetera, it seems Lawrence, Kansas is poised for its coming turn in the music media trend piece carousel. At least from what we’re hearing; this marks two straight BTWs from the burgeoning midwestern artistic oasis. We gave the treatment to Rooftop Vigilantes after they hit our inbox with some music, and that inspired another email, this time from one Jordan Geiger, offering a MySpace-linked primer to more of the city’s rising talent. But it was Jordan’s own project, Hospital Ships, that struck deepest. Jordan comes packing a sturdy CV — singing and songwriting in Minus Story, playing trumpet and keyboard for Shearwater — and the Hospital Ships material shows it.

Minus Story earn often comparisons to the Lips, so it makes sense to hear some Coyne in standout track “I Want It To Get Out,” framed here for a bedsit rather than a large scale studio, more along the lines of Flotation Toy Warning’s huddled intimacy than Yoshimi’s control booth imaginings. The track talks of existential yearnings, restless prayers for something bigger and something more, and for that Hospital Ships’ fuzzed vocals and lo-fi psychedelics are a nice fit.

Hospital Ship – “I Want It To Get Out” (MP3)

Oh, Ramona is out 10/21 via Graveface. Hear more Hospital Ships at MySpace, and for more of Jordan’s writing in action check some Minus Story MP3s here. There’s no Hospital Ships tour lined up because the project’s just been pulled together, but those in Chicago can check him at the Graveface Records Halloween Showcase on 10/24 in Chicago.

Lawrence, we’re enjoying your emails. Keep sending.