Behind The Scenes Of MGMT’s “Kids”

Behind The Scenes Of MGMT’s “Kids”

When MGMT released Ray Tintori’s trippy vid for Oracular Spectacular’s inescapable monster jam, it seemingly terrified one child, certainly terrified three seniors, and essentially polarized everyone old enough (but not too old) to know what the internet is. You either loved the visuals and the uncredited Joanna Newsom cameo and voted it as the #9 Best Music Video in last year’s Gummys, or, you hated seeing a scared shitless child and Nietzche’s quote credited to Mark Twain and didn’t notice/couldn’t care less about Joanna Newsom (in which case, yesterday’s news that the Noose…um has a new album out 2/23 should be ignored).

Well both camps might have some fun watching this nine-and-a-half minute behind the scenes of the “Kids” video, during which we get to hang out with director Tintori, meet animator Christy Karacas (Superjail), and hear MGMT say two words. Of course, the greatest moment of interest is HOW DID THEY MAKE THE BABY CRY?, and I anticipate some lively discussion about that in the comments. Whatever your position, you’ll agree Baby Zachary is super cute, and may just be the new Nirvana Nevermind baby (in which case we’ll be asking him to give it a rest in 17 years), and we get some choice moments with the method actress playing Baby Zachary’s mom. Looks like Joanna picked up some tips from her boyfriend.

If you’re into it, you have four days to bid on the props from the set. Goes to a children’s charity, which seems appropriate.

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