New Mercury Rev – “Senses on Fire” & Snowflake Midnight Album Art

By the end of September you’ll get to add two Mercury Rev albums to your collection. If you’re still collecting Mercury Rev albums after The Secret Migration. Just kidding. The upstate New York crew’s decided to follow that 2005 effort with Snowflake Midnight, which you can purchase at a regular price, and Strange Attractor, which you can download for free. The first taste of the new Rev comes from the freebie — Snowflake’s “Senses On Fire” brims with energy and a glossy, trippy feel. Ready or not, here they come. With a rabbit.

(Via P4K)

The press release mentions Snowflake Midnight’s process:

“We thought this record should sound like it was made by a different Mercury Rev.” says [drummer/multi-instrumentalist Jeff] Mercel, “We began to look at the process. And then we dismantled it.”

Their first step was to move their upstate New York studio — twice — to shake up the band’s usual workflow. Mercel continues, “We came in with a blank slate every single day. Six or eight months later we had all these motifs, tone-poems, ideas, whatever you want to call them. We never went back to ‘write’ a song. The ideas began to organize themselves from the hundreds of hours of music we recorded, and the best parts rose to the top.”

“We embraced technology to a greater extent on this album than ever before. We completely opened ourselves to the possibilities out there.” Discovering the open source audio software Reaktor, the band experimented with audio effects designed by people from all over the world.

Snowflake Midnight is out 9/29 via Yep Roc. Strange Attractor, which is out for free that same day, has cat-themed cover art. Take a look at their site, where you can also sign-up to download it.

[Band photo by Vk-Red Duvivier]

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