Courtney Love To Lana Del Rey: “Heart-Shaped Box” Is About My Vagina

You thought no one could out-troll Lana Del Rey after her cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” last week? Man, that was amateur hour — let the master show you how it’s done. Courtney Love was up late on Twitter, schooling LDR on the finer points of Kurt’s use of metaphor in song. Says C-Lo:

Then, she claims that she was an uncredited co-author of the Nirvana classic:

And finally, she implores La Lana to consider the meaning of the song when she performs it:

FWIW I don’t think anyone who’s ever heard “Heart-Shaped Box” and knew even an inkling of context had any doubt that it was about Courtney Love’s vagina, even though most of us have probably tried to ignore that when we listen it, because it makes a depressing song even more depressing, among other things. Moreover, it’s gross that a widow whose husband took his own life is on Twitter bragging that he referred to her vagina as a “noose” in a violently soul-wrenching song. But that’s Courtney for ya. Lizzie Grant, you have much to learn.

Here’s LDR’s take on “Heart-Shaped Box” again. If you look real close at her eyes, you can kinda tell she’s thinking about Courtney Love’s vagina.