Krallice – IIIIIIII

First off, before we talk about this song, let me just say, if you’ve never seen Krallice live, and you get the chance to do so, I implore you: Get the hell out there and do so. The Brooklyn-based technical black-metal band offers one of the most exciting musical experiences in the world. Now, onto the music at hand: From their forthcoming LP Years Past Matter, “IIIIIIII” (gonna have to check on the pronunciation of that one) is Krallice at the height of their powers; Nick McMaster and Mick Barr trade off vocals (Mick is the higher-pitched voice that appears first; Nick is the low bellow that you hear later on), Lev Weinstein’s drumming is like a hail of bullets flying into another hail of bullets, Mick and Colin Marston’s guitars are like competing yet complementary high-wire acts performed by aliens in a lightning storm … it’s absolutely insane and awesome in the “My God Is An Awesome God” sense. Feast.

Years Past Matter is being self-released on 8/25 by the band (their first album not on Profound Lore). Pre-order it here. It will be available on vinyl via Gilead Media soon afterward.

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