of Montreal & Solange Covered Jackson 5, Susan Sarandon Spanked Pigs At The Highline Ballroom Last Night

About the most surprising thing about seeing Solange turn up at onstage with of Montreal at the band’s tour opener Monday night was Kevin Barnes’s beard-commitment (although we’ve even seen that before). The younger Knowles cameos on the next oM album, and they’ve been making public appearances together for a minute. Sometimes sexual torture devices are involved. Such was the case at Santos Party House last year when of Solangreal covered “Heat Wave” together. This time it was the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” which we have here courtesy of reader eagle2108. And which was only the second most noteworthy thing to happen at the show.

Nice job, although what you really want to see is YouTube of Susan Sarandon jumping onstage and spanking dudes in pig masks, because that happened.

Take that, Tim Robbins.

As for post-Skeletal stuffs, here’s “Teenage Unicorn Fisting”: