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Band To Watch: The Delta Mirror

Los Angeles trio the Delta Mirror say they’re of a mind with bands like the Big Pink and Fuck Buttons, acts bent simultaneously toward shoegaze and electronics. But the DM is less expansive and less noisy, respectively, than those acts: Their debut LP Machines That Listen is downcast and down-tempo, heartfelt and brooding, immersive and swirling. It’s also gorgeous and incredibly repeatable. The beats are savvy. They glitch and break unpredictably, tricks the trio’s Craig Gordon and David Bolt no doubt picked up while working in their hip-hop project prior to this one. Lyrically, each song takes place in a different room of a hospital; it’s an emotional and conceptual palette that mirrors the Antlers’ Hospice. There are three voices at play, including bassist Karrie K’s, but it’s a gothy baritone that pushes most of the songs, registering like Interpol’s Paul Banks discovering IDM and M83. You should hear the whole record, but start with the gem “He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You.” You can grab it below, along with the premiere of its beat-flipped, upticked remix which, true to the band’s hip-hop roots, is filed by anticon dude Alias. And cap it all with a listen of “A Room For Waiting,” patiently post-rock in its piano-tinkling, exquisitely textured, a good example of the Delta Mirror’s ability to blend beats to phrases that become scenery-setting mantras: “You tell me to be patient because I’m not the only one but tell me how many were before me / how many were before me tell me how many were before me…” Great stuff:

The Delta Mirror – “A Room For Waiting”

Two takes on “He Was Worse…” The remix:

The Delta Mirror – “He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You (Alias Remix)” (MP3)

The original:

The Delta Mirror – “He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You” (MP3)

The Delta Mirror’s Machines Will Listen is out 3/26 via Lefse.