Joanna Newsom Have One On Me Cover Art

There’s always a shade of intrigue surrounding Joanna Newsom’s album cover art. Perhaps that’s because she’s cultivated such a marketable image these past few years. Take the halcyon Ys era: Some of you balked at the authenticity of its cover when we first posted. After it was confirmed, you threw darts at it anyway. And then found out your criticisms sorta pissed her off via her interview with Venus mag:

Some have found artist Benjamin Vierling’s painting cheesy. In a representative comment by one Stereogum poster calling himself Pierro [sic] Della Francesca, “The picture looks like it was done by the guy who paints the unicorns on Trapper Keeper covers attempting to mimic the style of Botticelli’s portrait of Simonetta Vespucci.” Newsom bristles at this sort of criticism. “I’m used to people making fun of me,” she said, “but it bums me out that anyone would ignore the fact that he’s a really good painter.”

You guys. Well this time the doubt was well placed. Have One’s teaser track “’81” came stacked with a colorful press photo and seemingly not-so-colorful album cover art. And it turns out it was not-so-colorful for a reason: That image was just a placeholder, to be filled in with an image of Joanna sprawled out in a room decorated by a zoologist. According to Drag City, that is it, and it is final. Whew. Glad that’s settled. Have One On Me is out 2/23. It’s a triple-LP. Which, whoa.