Dave Mustaine Claims Obama Staged Aurora, Sikh Temple Shootings

Dave Mustaine’s political views have always veered toward the … hysterical. And considering one of the dude’s most famous songs is about government cover-ups of UFOs in Roswell, it’s probably not a huge surprise to learn he’s prone to believing unlikely conspiracy theories. But his comments last week at a Megadeth concert in Singapore still come as a shock. By way of some light between-song banter to an audience whose first language is probably not English, Mustaine offered some theories about America’s current presidential administration, saying:

“My president is trying to pass a gun ban, so he’s staging all of these murders, like the Fast and Furious thing down at the border, you know, Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there. And now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple.”

So … he’s not voting Obama in November? (FWIW he’s probably not voting Romney either, considering the content of his Santorum endorsement back in February.) Is the NRA just facepalming when they see this? Mustaine followed that by teasing a potential relocation to Singapore “if America keeps going the way it’s going, because it looks like it’s turning into Nazi America.” Dave, Singapore doesn’t want you, either. Here’s video of his rant.