Yeasayer – “O.N.E. (XXXChange Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

The often excellent Odd Blood is a step into new directions for Yeasayer, and vocalist Chris Keating touched upon their process in a recent NY Times profile:

It was only natural to find the specific elements, the defining elements, of the last record and to eliminate those and create holes. Then you had to fill those holes in with other stuff that we like, which is a lot of electronic, dance-inspired production and cool synthetic tones that haven’t been heard before.

A mission statement that could almost be mistaken for one from XXXChange, Spank Rock’s DJ/cohort who has lined up and crushed an array of high profile remixes over the last few years — Thom’s “Eraser,” Panda Bear’s “Comfy In Nautica,” and a club dub on Santigold’s new wave-jam “L.E.S. Artistes” for her mixtape with Diplo that was probably better than the original — to become one of the shining names in a game filled with promo-cycle extending wankery. If we’re applying Chris Keating’s words to XXXChange’s transformative way with “O.N.E.,” then you should expect the album standout’s joyful Carribbean feel to be first to go; the late-breaking Bee Gees breakdown to come up front-and-center; and a vibe shift which make Anand’s once-celebratory mai-tais-on-a-cruise-line declarations sound like insecure self-affirmations while cruising seedy dance clubs in a red light district.

All of which you should expect, all of you should download:

Yeasayer – “O.N.E. (XXXChange Remix)” (MP3)

XXXChange’s remix appears alongside an instrumental, alternate, and original versions of “O.N.E.” on a single released 3/23 via Secretly Canadian. The Odd Blood LP is out 2/9 via SC as well. For now you can get a free download of “O.N.E.” to compare/contrast with the XXXChange redo for the cost of an email address at

Catch Yeasayer on tour with Sleigh Bells (who are producing some tracks on the new M.I.A. album, which means everyone is separated by one degree of Diplo). For more XXXChange, try his redo for Panda Bear:

Panda Bear – “Comfy In Nautica (XXXChange Remix)” (MP3)

Or try his amazing reworking of “L.E.S. Artistes” for the Santigold/Diplo mixtape Top Ranking (at YouTube). Or his take on Thom’s “Eraser” at XXXspace.